Don’t Miss Finding NEW Digital Revenue at the Niche Digital Conference!


Even Denver’s Big Blue Bear wants in on the 2016 Niche Digital Conference! (He must be a savvy digital publisher on the side.)

The 2016 Niche Digital Conference will be held in super-fun Denver this year!! It’s the perfect match—digital publishing revenue opportunities are exploding and so is Denver’s Downtown! In addition to uber-cool LODO, the Mile-High City boasts Union Square, Larimer Square and……don’t forget the Big Blue Bear!

And Wednesday, June 22 is our Crazy Niched-Out Discount Deadline Day!! [Read more…]

10 Easy Ways to Monetize Niche Magazine Content!

Wow! When the niche publishers at our conferences share ideas, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating new ways to monetize niche magazine content. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the great ideas shared at the last Niche Digital Conference:

Implementing even one new idea can have a HUGE return! Have fun with 50!

Implementing even one new idea can have a HUGE return!

1. Spread out your content! Don’t publish all of your magazine’s content online at the beginning of the month. Use the date stamping tools of your content management system to load your content all at once, but publish it piece by piece over a period of time.

2. Segment digital content by audience.  One extended education or training piece can be broken down into different segments based on the audience.  With one 60-minute lecture, you can sell an e-book, DVD, 12 “5-minute tips,” etc. [Read more…]

Think Differently to Monetize Digital Content


Leaving $$ on the table? CEO Rob Ristagno shares his insights on how to monetize your digital content.

Many media executives complain that their audience is not willing to pay for digital content. Publishers often cite a 10% rule of thumb, meaning only one out of ten print subscribers pay for a digital replica.

However, we have found that people will pay for content if it’s done right. In fact, last year, spending on online content access increased by 31%, and the New York Times exceeded one million paid digital subscribers.

Monetization of Digital Content Through Advertising Has Its Challenges [Read more…]

Digital Marketing: Quick Conversion Tactics for Success!


COO Mike Bannan of IDEA Health & Fitness Association shares proven conversion tactics for digital marketing success.

Ok, so there’s huge buzz about digital marketing conversion tactics. With all the options out there, where do you start? What strategies are going to help you drive revenue and build lasting relationships with your audience?

Mike Bannan, Chief Development Officer for IDEA Health and Fitness Organization, shared his 12 Quick Conversion Tactics recently with our conference attendees and we thought we’d share: [Read more…]

The Many Ways Publishers Can Earn Online Revenue!


Andy Kowl shares 29 different ways to create online revenue!

We recently came across an inspiring post in Publishing Executive by Andy Kowl and had to share. After realizing less than half the publishers he met can name even five ways to earn income directly from their websites, he identified 29 different ways his niche publishing clients are earning online revenue from their websites today!

This is especially important for print-centric publishers, thinking about growing company value. Companies with 80%+ revenue from print have sold for .5x revenue on average during the past couple of years. Companies “with more diverse revenue,” with print accounting for no more than 70%, sold for 1.2x – 1.5x revenue, all according to John McGovern, senior associate at W.B Grimes & Co. Imagine tripling company value.

Look at the content you produce as products. Here are 5 nuggets from Andy to get you started about content products, though the complete list includes many advertising and sponsorship products as well:

• Webinars are counted as one product whether they are sponsored or sold by the seat. If you sell subscriptions to a series, that’s another product. (+2)

• If you package data as a one-off product, such as Lists, Directories or Market Reports, they all equal 1 product, thought there are many different delivery methods – print, eBooks, pdfs, even spreadsheets. If you sell access to ongoing, real time data in your market, that is definitely a separate product. (+2)

• Is your old content bringing in cash? Selling hard copies of back issues won’t make you rich; but it can’t hurt. The other side of the coin is charging for access to your online content archives. (+2 products)

• Site Licensing is a huge business for some clients, with individual sales sometimes at a six figure price. On the other end of the spectrum some publishers put a price on individual articles of just $9.95; but people buying those articles often end up as bigger customers. (+2 more products)

So think about the myriad of ways you can sell online products on your magazine website. How many ways can you name? What new revenue stream can you capitalize on today? Andy’s full article can be read here: Tallying many ways publishers earn online revenue


Editor’s note: ePublishing Inc. is a sponsor of Niche Media HQ.



More about Andy: Andy Kowl is a journalist and entrepreneurial publisher with more than 30 years developing, marketing and growing publishing companies. He is senior vice president of publishing strategy for ePublishing Inc., the leading enterprise publishing system (EPS) provider which manages content, audience data, workflow, newsletters and e-commerce for more than 600 B2B publications.



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Niche Digital Conference Wrap Up: Magazine Online Revenue-a-Palooza!

Judges Vinegarroon Group Shot_edited-web

No caption needed. It’s pretty darn obvious these attendees are having a blast!

We just wrapped up the Niche Digital Conference last week in Nicheville, er…Nashville. It was a great success and we’re sharin’ the niche love. We learned and networked and learned some more. Oh, and we always make sure to have fun, too.

If you missed it: Even if you couldn’t make it to Nashville, we deliver the goods right to you, dear reader. Through the magic of the internet most session presentation slides are now available on the Niche Digital Conference website. [Read more…]

The Niche Digital Conference Speaker Interview Collection!


Niche Digital Conference in Nashville happening right now. I’m just gonna say it: Wish I was there!

For the last 3 months we have been interviewing our smart and savvy Niche Digital Conference speakers so those of you who are not attending can still get the best and latest info from industry thought leaders about what’s happening in the niche media world–with a focus on the digital realm- that we are all grappling with and experimenting with and learning about. Whew.

The conference began Monday, September 30th, in Nashville. We completely sold out the conference (yay!) – we make sure we cap the conference at 250 in order to serve our mantra of quality not quantity

Here are links to some our conference speaker interviews, even the keynote interviews with cool creative leaders like Jay Baer and Aaron Kahlow. And everyone LOVES Andrew Davis and Carla Johnson, so there’s that. Sure it’s not the same as learning in person…not at all. You unfortunately were not able to take advantage of the opportunity of fun networking (our specialty) with niche publishing professionals like yourself. [Read more…]

Pump Up Online Revenue for Niche Magazines!


NDC Speaker Ryan Dohrn shares his ad sales insights with us.

Ready to pump up your online revenue MEGA-fast? We have you MEGA-covered! Ryan Dohrn, Ad Sales Expert and speaker at the Niche Digital Conference this fall, will be leading the session: Mega Online Revenue Mania.

He will be teaching attendees new ways to maximize cash from your e-newsletter program, sell social media, use video to drive advertising dollars, apply new online pricing models based on user interaction, and ratchet up your enewsletter sign-ups. Today he shares some of his insights with us on how to maximize your online revenue.

Niche Media HQ: Can you give us 3-practical quick tips for developing high-revenue programs? [Read more…]

Need a reason to attend the Niche Digital Conference? Here’s the NICHE BIG 20!

NIM141 ND pub logo 2013

Sign up by August 28, 2013 to get the early bird discount and SAVE up to $300!

Niche Super Bowl is TODAY!

I know the Super Bowl is normally in February. But in NicheVille it’s today because it’s a day for wild celebration here at Niche HQ.

The Niche Digital Conference is in just 32 days and TODAY is the final discount deadline day and the day we’re probably going to completely sell out our event.

Here’s the Niche BIG 20! (20 ideas / reasons / benefits / bribes to Attend the Niche Digital Conference)

1. Super targeted event JUST for niche publishers trying to generate more online revenue.

2. NicheVille…I mean, Nashville is the coolest city ever!

3. Look! Drew Davis is wearing…… a suit. (Sort of!)

4. Fantastic pre-conference workshops that cover Content Marketing, E-Mail Solutions, Video, and Ad Sales.

5. It’s almost “Holler ‘N Swaller” time at the Nashville Welcome hoedown BBQ.

6. Meet the 20 best solution providers in the niche media world all at one location.

7. Meet celebrity speaker and author Jay Baer talk about Youtility: Why Smart Publishers Focus on Help not Hype.

8. Stay at one of the 100 best hotels in the USA: The Hutton Hotel.

9. Your ad sales staff can get the very best training in the world at Camp Niche.

10. Check it out – you’ll have access to 22 niche experts!

11. Learn how to eat a Goo Goo Cluster. (Tips provided by Grand Poobah Carl.)

12. You’ll receive a complimentary copy of the NY Times best seller Youtility.

13. You’ll meet all your fellow attendees even before the conference starts at the Niche Orientation Party.

13. 20 Online Revenue Generating Sessions. You can mix and match and go to the session you most want to see.

14. Meet the Godfather on Online Marketing: Aaron Kahlow.

15. You’ll even get to dance at SEO Gangnam Style.

16. How about experiencing 25 online revenue ideas in 50 minutes at Ryan Dohrn’s Mega Online Revenue Mania?

17. Steel Cage Match: Online Media Buyers Speak Out!

18. Check out our Niche Digital Conference brochure.

19. End the conference with a cocktail and a dozen of you’re new best media friends at the Niche Wrap-Up Meet-Up.

20. You get all this at the Early Bird Discount Rate. Save up to $300. But, you need to register TODAY!


Carl LandauAbout the blogger: Carl Landau is Grand Poobah of Niche Media. He is a media/event guru, SF Giants fan and part-time blogger. His 15 minutes of fame took place in the mid-eighties when he launched his famous, “Buy an Ad, Get a Cat” ad campaign. He has long since patched things up with the SPCA.



Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments!

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