Niche-worthy News: Start-ups, Stats and More!

It’s November already! Niche publishers are launching new magazines, the MPA released new stats, the IAB is addressing digital advertising conundrums and more. ID-100264961Here’s our latest round-up of niche-worthy news:

Top Magazine Launches 
Hola! Lonely Planet, SwimSwam, oh my! Samir Husni gives us the top magazine launches of 2016. From Minonline: Introducing Mr. Magazine’s 30 hottest launches of 2016

Audience growth
Average audience for magazine brands is currently up 9.3 percent from a year ago. Here’s a promising summary of the latest Brand Audience Report from industry metric Magazine Media 360°. From O’Dwyer’s: Magazine readership rises [Read more…]

Niche Publishing: Live Long and Prosper!


Here’s the latest in niche publishing news.

Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy made famous the Vulcan salute hand gesture along with “Live long and prosper.”  What better philosophy to embrace for niche publishing? (At least the Trekkies will agree with us.) Here’s the latest in niche news:

The sky’s the limit
A media company with 79 separate Facebook pages? Great post about going vertical in your social media channels and a way to niche your niche. From Tech.Co: 3 Ways Niche Verticals Get a Bigger Social Media Impact

The real value of print
Publishing CEOs and pros expound on the prowess of print. Content Magazine: 10 Killer Reasons Why You Should Be Using Print [Read more…]

More Media News: Reinvention, Buying Habits and Compelling Content


More nichey-news about what’s old, new and new again.

Okay, last week we gave you industry news nuggets: Media Industry News: Long form, “old media” and back issues become new again! This week, it’s reinvention, buying trends, compelling content tricks and a new pay button to digital pages. Read on:

Necessity is the mother of reinvention
Niche your niche by reinventing to a whole new audience. Why not? Metropolitan Home is doing it. From the Washington Post: Mag reinvents itself by focusing on Milennials [Read more…]

Media Industry News: Long Form, “Old Media” and Back Issues Become New Again!


Everything old is new again. Not kidding, read on for the latest buzz in magazine publishing,

It’s May and there’s news about the print-digital-publishing world all over the place! We’ve found some industry nuggets for you since you probably don’t have time to read everything out there. What with running a successful niche magazine and all…

Surprise, surprise
Millennials prefer short mobile videos and older audiences want long-form. Make sure you know how your audience wants to view your content! From AdWeek: New Study [Read more…]