How to Craft Powerful Messages that Engage Your Audience


Keynotes Debra Jasper and Betsy Hubbard share their insights with us on successful digital strategies.

The new challenge for niche publishers in this multi-media, multi-channel world is not about their message out, it’s about getting their message in. How do you get totally swamped readers, customers – even your own colleagues – to take time to engage with you? What really works?

We recently caught up with media experts Debra Jasper and Betsy Hubbard to find out what digital strategies are working well in this dizzying media age. Here are their insights:

Niche Media HQ:  What are 3 strategies that niche publishers can use to increase audience engagement?

Jasper & Hubbard:

The average attention span today is eight seconds. Eight seconds. That doesn’t mean people won’t tune in longer, but they are making snap decisions about whether your content is worth their time. So the most effective strategy for creating engagement is learning to craft short, visual, informal content that’s easy to take in. Sounds simple enough, but it often takes a willingness to rethink everything you’re doing. As the former directors of the Kiplinger Program in Public Affairs Journalism, we spent years helping long-form narrative writers and producers – at CNN, 60 Minutes, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other top newsrooms – learn how to tell stories using new technologies and approaches. It’s not easy – you sometimes think, “what can I possibly say in a 140-character tweet?” But as it turns out, quite a lot. [Read more…]

An Easy Way for Niche Magazines to Increase Visibility


Here’s an easy way to increase the visibility of your company’s local or regional profile.

Want an easy way to quickly and easily increase your company’s visibility?

While the debate continues about Yahoo’s ability to bounce back as a successful tech giant, the search engine is picking up some steam again and it may be time to check out whether it’s worth it to list your biz.

If you are a B2C, B2B or Association with a strong local/regional base, this may be a way to pick up some visibility for your niche magazine in a very economical way. Every little bit helps, right?

According to this useful post below from Search Engine Watch about Yahoo! Local, there is now a tool for improving online company profiles.

Yahoo! Local allows users to improve to existing online company profiles and lets business owners fix incorrect or incomplete listings on sites like Yahoo! Local (the company’s own online reviews aggregator) Yelp, Citysearch, MapQuest, SuperPages, MerchantCircle, and Bing.

It also allows you to create brand new business listings where none exist. [Read more…]

Top Tips for Marketers in 2014

Kimberly Whitler of Forbes recently consulted with top CMOs, authors, CEOs, and a Dean to ask them to provide their top marketing tips for 2014. The experts’ answers ranged from career to management to marketing advice. With the fast-paced evolution of marketing, media channels and mobile devices today, niche magazine publishers large and small are focusing even more on where best to focus their “marketing” energies.

Here’s a snapshot of the top tips from the marketing experts:


Here’s some great advice from
marketing experts.

1)   Is your head in the cloud(s)? Marketers need to think cloud first—as in all the channels, systems, media and networks. Look at them in a holistic way first before focusing on just one area.

2)   Take Action: Don’t force a marketing campaign to completion if it’s not working. Make some changes!

3)   Keep up: You have to get out of the office and learn new things. And network. So sign up for conferences, webinars and other educational opportunities. Learn from your peers.

4)   Seize the opportunity: All marketers need to use Google Analytics. Take full advantage of this valuable tool so you can become more knowledgeable about your niche and your readers.

5)   Grow upward: Believe it or not, you don’t have to sacrifice profit for growth. Figure out a way to do both at the same time.

The bonus tip below could have been written by Joe Pulizzi, the godfather of content marketing and recent author of Epic Content Marketing. Joe understood the power of content back when everyone else was still focused on whether social media was even a viable marketing channel.

Bonus tip from the experts: Drive revenue from (great) content: The power of superior content lies in the rich data you get from your readers. Plain and simple. Ensure you have the right systems in place to capture that data and the right “Insight Directors” in place to leverage the data and create deeper connections to your readers.

Here’s Whitler’s post if you want to read more: 5 Tips for Marketers in 2014

Want to learn from expert speakers and even your peers in 2014? Check out the Niche Media Conference in Charleston in February. Niche Media Conference 2014


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Top New Marketing Channels Niche Publishers Need to Try


Niche media companies need to be on the lookout for new channels!

What’s coming up next in the niche magazine world? Of course, we all want to know what to look for in the ever-changing brandscape of magazine marketing. The more we can anticipate change the better prepared we’ll be to meet the challenges and also capitalize on opportunities. In this third part of our interview with Jeff Rohrs, Marketing and Social Media guru and popular Niche Magazine Conference speaker, Jeff lays out the new marketing channels that niche magazine publishers need to check out.

Niche Media:  What channels should niche magazine publishers be investigating?

JR:   If you have the budget to explore some new emerging channels, you should experiment with them and measure the results. It will give you the ability to niche your niche even further. Here are some new channels to try: [Read more…]

5 Lessons We Learned from Niche Magazine Publishers

When we started 20 for 20 series (20 magazines sharing their great ideas for 20 days in October) we had no idea how big the response would be! It was so hard to pick only 20! After reading through the 500+ submissions, we found some topics came up again and again. Here are 5 things niche magazine publishers taught us: 

1. Blend Traditional and New Marketing Methods. Traditional marketing strategies such as direct mail, advertising and mainstream media still work for niche magazine publishers, but mixing it up with real-time marketing with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and more is vital for reaching and engaging your audience. Plus, these new tools make it easier to give readers what they want – DC Velocity and Covertside did just that and had great results. And you know what? The big move to online/mobile marketing means your print pieces stand out and have extra impact.

2. Harness User-Generated Content. Smart niche magazines are capitalizing on user-generated content by profiling people and products in their niche, publishing reader submissions in writing, featuring guest bloggers and editors, and more. Did I mention photography and videos, too? Visual storytelling is huge and expanding fast… see how Camping Magazine, Talking Stick, The College Store, The Senior News, and Food & Spirits harness user-generated content and images to add authentic voices and get readers involved.

3. Measure ROI with All Available Tools. ROI measurements need to encompass a new way of determining impact from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, blogs − even Pinterest for consumer magazines. Overall user engagement is an important measure the true success of a marketing program. As always, if people are not talking about you, you have a problem. Of course, you need to blog and post quality content to get people talking − Gear Technology and Cleaning & Restoration made that their focus.

4. Events! Get Face-to-Face with Readers! In this new digital world, the importance of bringing face-time to your niche is vital. We get so busy with other high priorities that this effort to connect falls by the wayside. Say it with me, “Networking. Networking. Now.” You have a lot of options that can be hugely successful:

  • Branded Events–promoting your mag, raising your public profile in a big way
  • Partnering Events–partnering with other organizations or other events to maximize your exposure
  • Sponsoring Events–whether as a plastered-all-over sponsor or a quiet backseat sponsor, niche mags are finding great success with this and events have become a definite part of their marketing programs.

Check out our profiles of  St. Louis Small Business Monthly, Austin Woman, and Building Indiana news for a little inspiration.

5. Awards and Competitions Work! Is it possible we are actually learning something from Reality TV?? Whether it’s “innovator of the Year” or “Top Dog Model” or “Design Contest” the results are the same − niche magazine publishers are holding annual awards programs and competitions to engage their audience. Try an event once, learn from mistakes and missed opportunities, have an even better second one, and watch the program grow exponentially every year with increasing profit, web visits and subscribers. Learning to stretch and expand the promotion time frame is key. Our profiles of Embedded Computing Design, Linger Magazine, and CityDog will help get you started.

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Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments!

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