Why Email is Madonna and Facebook is Lady Gaga in e-Marketing

We know this to be true:  Everyone’s inbox is exploding! Daily messages come from email, Facebook, Google+, texts, Youtube, Pinterest, Linkedin and more, more, more.


Maybe they are not as different as they seem.

Facebook gets a ton of attention, but when you go beyond the hype and the hoodie you find that, for publishers, it is remarkably similar to an old communication standby……..the email.

Digital marketing adviser and author Jay Baer was our keynote speaker recently at the Niche Digital Conference in Nashville.  He shared with us a few of his insights so we can gain some clarity on how to use, and combine, these two marketing platforms. [Read more…]

Strike the Right Intuition/Research Balance in Your Marketing Programs


Find your Magazine’s perfect balance of data and intuition in marketing decision-making.

INFO ALERT: We stumbled across this wise blog post this week and had to share: Data Guides but the Gut Decides from Rich Beatty and Ad Age. It talks about how important it is to take a hard look at the balance between sound intuition and hard data as it relates to your marketing programs.

We know that you know you must use BOTH when creating your marketing strategies for your niche magazine. But take some time now and really evaluate your current position.

Are you leaning too hard one way or the other? Is it time for a slight, or even major, shift to take your marketing efforts to the next level? Author Beatty also points out that all too often organizations will stick with the standard industry blend.  Don’t do it.  Make your marketing mix unique to YOUR magazine and YOUR niche market. [Read more…]