Company Culture Innovation: An Interview with CIO Don Harkey

Chief Innovation Officer Don Harkey shares his insights on company culture.

Recruiting, hiring and managing the right sales team can be tough and time-consuming!

But it doesn’t have to be. Yes, sales teams work in high pressure environments. And sometimes the competitiveness leads to backbiting. Then there’s that “lone wolf” type–intent on only commissions–exclusive of their colleagues, the company’s mission and customer service.

We interviewed Don Harkey, Chief Innovation Officer at People Centric Consulting Group, to learn more about how to build a culture that rewards teamwork, works to common goals, and maximizes recognition of long-term customer development. [Read more…]

Revenue & Retention: Creating a Company Culture that Rocks!


Publisher Gary Whitaker knows a bunch about creating a super-cool company culture that produces results.

Having a high-performing company culture with super-motivated employees who generate tons of innovation and revenue is every magazine publisher’s dream. So how do you create a culture that attracts dedicated, rock-star employees for the long-term?

We recently checked in with Gary Whitaker, President and Publisher of Whitaker Publishing and asked him how niche publishers can achieve the same success as the biggies with their small-to-medium publishing company. [Read more…]