Ad Sales Mission Possible: Save the Day with Research!


Save your advertiser’s day with the ultimate weapon: Research!

Can you imagine your clients desperately needing you to save the day? Do they call you a bunch now because they know you are a trusted resource?  If not, do you know how to become so indispensable that your clients can’t imagine not working with you?

Here are 4 ways research can be your ultimate magazine ad sales weapon: [Read more…]

Survey Said: Expert Tips from Niche Publishing Pros

How often should you do it? Should you do it more? What do you do after? We’re talking about reader surveys, of course. Most niche publishers say they know they can do a better job of getting audience feedback. And just as importantly—are the results being leveraged to their full potential?

We asked three niche publishing pros for their expert tips on where to start, how to create better surveys and if the results led to improvement and change. Read on: [Read more…]