How Welcome Home RGV Quadrupled Its Publishing Frequency – Haywire Turned Hallelujah!

Isn’t it wonderful to see a niche publication thrive and flourish? If a publication is amping up its publishing frequency, then it must be doing something right.whwtweekly_issue15feb3_issuu_0001

As it turns out, Welcome Home RGV, which caters to “Winter Texans” in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, has a very engaged reader base. This regional niche publication went from monthly to weekly when it realized its leisure-hungry audience needs its social event calendar and news stories updated constantly – or at least far more frequently.

As romantic as this sounds, big changes aren’t easy. Getting from point A to point B can be an operational nightmare. After all, a monthly to weekly change theoretically equates to quadruple workload. Unless you plan on growing your staff four times larger, this can equate to a quadruple dose of stress.

Nevertheless, Welcome Home RGV’s President Kristi Collier had a plan: [Read more…]

The Sky is the Limit with UP!, the In-Flight Magazine of WestJet Airlines, and the Magazine Manager

U-02-13-cover-low-resThe Sky is the Limit with up!, The In-Flight Magazine of WestJet Airlines. What makes a publisher successful? According to Stacy Haakonson, Sales Resource Manager at Redpoint Media and Marketing Solutions, “success is measured by the people that we have and the caliber of products we create”. The leading independent print and digital publishing and communications company based in Calgary, Canada, RedPoint also publishes Avenue and Wine Access and provides digital and print marketing expertise across a wide range of various sectors.

Their strategy is to remain focused, stay driven, be passionate about what they do, know their audience, be nimble, and create a culture that makes employees want to be there. It’s a winning strategy that has placed them in “Canada’s Top 50 Employers” for years.

Stacy keeps her sales staff on task with The Magazine Manager®. Within the first six months of implementation, management noticed a huge difference in reporting capabilities when compared with their prior system and with the tools their sales people use to organize contact lists and manage clients in a more organized, detailed fashion. “This provides great customer service to our advertiser base which ultimately establishes trust and a relationship which is so important to have in today’s sales market.”

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Success Story: The Magazine Manager Helps Akron Life Magazine Celebrate 10 Years in Publishing

Akron Life Magazine is preparing to celebrate 10 years in publishing next year.  The lifestyle magazine serves the Greater Akron area covering issues and trends in local business, the arts, home design, dining, people, and places.  Management is committed to putting out a quality product which benefits its readers and advertisers.

Akron Life Magazine

Akron Life Magazine

When asked about the secrets of their success, Associate Publisher, Colin Baker credits a staff of great people who truly believe in what they do.  Baker also points to The Magazine Manager (MM) as helping the company to operate efficiently and grow and prosper through the years. “The Magazine Manager has been part of the fabric of the company since 2007”, says Baker.  While the company was looking to manage subscriptions when they implemented the web-based magazine management system, they found that The Magazine Manager offered much more.  It allowed them to shed their old contact management system as well.  Salespeople and management now benefit from being able to view real-time sales data, reducing the number of meetings and internal follow-up.

“I really feel strongly that Magazine Manager has helped us run a lean company and eliminate a lot of tradition layers, which has been the key to us weathering the storm.  Most of the new sales people we hire when they become familiar with MM they often tell me that it is the best tool they have ever had and often have horror story about other publishers and their systems or lack thereof.”

To Learn More About The Magazine Manager, contact Susan Beattie at (877) 256-0362 or, or visit our website: