King Arthur Flour Cooks Up Success with Baking Sheet App

KAF-App-LaunchKing Arthur Flour, who most of us know for their healthy whole grain products, tasty recipes, and cooking classes, is actually a prolific publisher with exclusive niche content.

Earlier this year they came to GTxcel (formerly Godengo+Texterity) with an ambitious plan: they wanted to amass more than 3,000 recipes distilled from 22 years of publishing their Baking Sheet, a monthly 24 page compendium of original, kitchen-tested delights.

The King Arthur Flour Company was founded in 1790 and has evolved with the market, often leading the charge in baking technique and yes, publishing. See the back story here.

What resulted was a free app with paid content.   The app is built for smartphones and tablets —  iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Google’s Nexus 7. [Read more…]

Tablets and Smartphones and Websites, Oh My! Bird Watcher’s Digest’s Journey to Multi-Device-Friendly Content


Publisher Bill Thompson III dove into the digital realm with great success and shares his insights with us.

Many niche publishers are running around in crazy circles trying to figure out a strategy to get their publication onto tablets and other mobile devices. Many of them make hasty decisions and sign up with the first service provider they find. Or they sit immobile, overwhelmed by creating a multi-device-friendly program. Can tablet subscription models drive revenue? Or is true tablet value in cross-platform advertising? In what formats do our readers really want our content? And will HTML 5 be the holy grail?

Only one thing is certain: NOBODY has this stuff totally figured out. But some niche publishers are blazing trails and inviting others to follow. In a highly interactive roundtable session at the upcoming Niche Digital Conference, Bill Thompson III, Editor and Co-Publisher of Bird Watcher’s Digest, will co-lead Tablet Truths: Headless Chicken Freakout Time.

Bill is an unapologetic futurist who dove into the digital realm and in this interview he shares with us what’s working, what’s not, and where their programs are headed next.

Niche Media HQ: As a publisher who has created successful multi-device-friendly platforms, what advice can you give other  niche publishers out there about getting started? Anything you would have done differently?

BT3: You can do a lot yourself now. When we first started, no one was really doing it. We came into a mobile strategy earlier in the game—we would call digital publishing solutions providers and no one would call us back. (That non-response actually added to my paranoia that we had somehow missed the train.) [Read more…]