Look Beyond Print and Digital: It’s Not an Either/Or Question Anymore!!!!


We’re livin’ in a multi-platform, multi-revenue stream world!

We get kinda tired of reading about the end-of-the-world proclamations about the state of magazines. Many biggies are struggling, but it’s never been a better time to be niche. And yes, there are some big hurdles to overcome as the old ad revenue models change with the soaring digital media world. All that means is that niche magazine publishers are going to have to innovate!

The question is NOT “Print or Digital or Both?” Not anymore.

It’s not relevant in 2016 to publish only print or digital or a mere combination of the two–at least not for a long-term plan. Today publishers must look at ALL the revenue streams available to them to create a profitable, sustainable niche magazine and multi-property media brand.

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