Help Your Advertisers Build Their Mobile Ad Strategy


Help your advertisers think multi-device for success!

Today many advertisers pretty much expect publishers to be consultative on mobile ad strategy, even help with content creation. Mobile ad relevance is gaining traction as CTRS are increasing rapidly in our ever-evolving techy, smart-watch world.

A few things ring true:

GOOD: Fast mobile site and app navigation, lack of ad clutter on the screen, niche publishers who design different versions of their ads in order to be device-appropriate.

BAD: (Or just kinda irritating!) Most text message ads, pop-up “call us now” numbers, stalker geo-targeting.

What can niche publishers do to make sure they are helping their advertisers create the most effective mobile ad campaigns? Here’s some helpful tips from blogger Mark Irvine of WordStream. These strategies will help both you AND your advertisers become more effective.

1. Give your advertisers the ability to control what they pay for on mobile based on selected key words. [Read more…]