Niche Media News: Mobile & Custom & Banners, Oh My!


We’ve scoured the news for insights for the world of niche publishing!

We scoured the web to bring you the latest news in niche publishing. From social media to banner success to custom products:

Digital nichey-ness
Seize the day–“Savvy online marketers have already accustomed themselves to the notion of covering specialized networks and offering more unique content, but the need to specialize and offer more value to a specific niche has never been greater.”  From Business2Community: How social media marketing is set to change in 2016 [Read more…]

7 Top Tips for a Better E-newsletter


Whether your are B2B, B2C or an Association, you can make your good e-newsletter GREAT!

I recently had the opportunity to be a judge for an e-newsletter award. The panel looked for certain qualities immediately. Of course, navigability, layout and creativity were key elements. But it the entries didn’t also incorporate the 7 tips below, they were usually headed to the reject file.

Here are 7 Top Tips for making a good e-newsletter great:  [Read more…]

Niche in the News: Print, Web & Digital Success!


Niche publishing is in the news all over the place. Check it out!

We polled our niche publishers to find out what they want to read about. How best to walk the native advertising tightrope, info on new launches, recent media stats and adding new revenue streams top the list.

Every niche magazine wants to get it right.
“According to an eMarketer report, spending on native is expected to reach $8.8 billion by 2018, up from $4.3 billion this year.” From Ad Age: Is Native Advertising About to go the Way of Pop-up Ads? [Read more…]

Niche in the News: Think Big!


Big interest, big debate, big opportunities in the wonderful, wide world of Niche!

Where is this year going?? What are people in the industry talking about?? When will I have time to scan the news?

We’re here to help. Here are 3 hot niche topics in the news for June:

[Read more…]

In the News: Creating Conversation or Driving Buzz?


Ok so there’s tons of change. What’s it all mean to niche publishers?

So the very nature of media–revenue models, advertising, editorial, print/digital, audience development, distribution. It really all keeps changing, and rapidly. So it’s kinda interesting to watch the big dogs make changes and see how it takes. Usually there’s a lesson or two in there to be learned for niche publishers.

In the news:  Big digital news publisher, The Huffington Post, recently tied the knot with a top creative agency. Together they can manage huge teams of brand content writers to drive cultural conversations……about the news they just published. [Read more…]

What Does Native Advertising Mean for Niche Publishers?


Editor and Conference Speaker
Rob O’ Regan tells us about the essential nature of native advertising and what it means to niche magazine publishers.

We recently checked in with Editor Rob O’Regan of eMediaVitals so he could share with us some insights about the session he is leading at the Niche Digital Conference this fall–Native Advertising: Beyond Banners!

Native advertising is an increasingly popular countermeasure to the banner blindness that plagues so many websites – but what is it, really? Is it just a passing catch-phrase that will be become old news soon, like a George Clooney girlfriend?

Nope. It’s here to stay and niche publications have to figure out how best to find the right balance for their audience. 

Native advertising can take many forms, including sponsored editorial, pay-to-play blogging and microsites. Advertisers love the format because it ties them closer to the publisher’s brand; Publishers love the premium prices they can charge for native ad programs.

But there are plenty of risks as well – including the erosion of the church/state divide.  Rob shares his thoughts with us about how to walk the tightrope successfully. [Read more…]