Power of Niche: Digital Marketing Hot Topics


New formats, new strategies, new audience segments in digital niche media marketing.

Here’s the top news this week in digital media marketing:

Smaller, intense bites can leave them wanting more
Media companies, like the Huffington Post, are finding success with long-form content on a separate website with weekly installments. Can it work for niche magazine content? Why not? From the Columbia Journalism Review: Huffington Post Highline cuts through the noise

What not to do with your digital marketing strategy
You are a small niche media company, you know you need to do it better but not sure how to implement it, measure it and then increase online conversions. From the Economic Times: 7 Reasons for Digital Marketing Failure in Start-ups

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The Power of Niche: Apple Effects, Buyer Behavior and a New Launch in Print!


The latest niche news for our publishing peeps.

So you want to stay current but simply don’t have time to comb the web looking for news about niche publishing every day? We’ve got your back. Here’s the latest news round-up for niche publishers:

After Apple’s Newstand Fizzles–What comes next for niche publishers and their apps? “The end of Newsstand marks the beginning of the era in which mobile is just another distribution platform for publishers,” wrote 29th Street. “Mobile’s dominance of the publishing space becomes less of a talking point and more of an accepted reality. The most important thing for app publishers to do is experiment, gather results and feedback from their readers and find new avenues. This is why the web, print and apps are good complements to one another, and why additional channels, such as Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles, are valuable as well.” From InPublishing, UK: With IOS 9 comes the demise of Apple’s newsstand

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Top News for Niche Magazines


Here’s the latest buzz in Nicheland.

Here’s some of the top buzz this week for you in the wonderful, wide world of niche:

Billion Dollar Baby: From Adweek, Instagram will surpass Google, Twitter in US mobile display ad revenues by 2017.

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