Apple to Introduce Ad-blocking: What’s It Mean for Niche Ad Sales?


Don’t let ad-blocking software put you in an digital ad-sales panic!

The digital media world is abuzz about Apple’s introduction of ad-blocking capability on their mobile devices. You may get some questions about it from your advertising clients.

Here’s some of the mixed reactions out there:

From WSJ:  (negative)
Apple’s Ad-Blocking Is Potential Nightmare for Publishers

From NPR: (informative)
With Ad Blocking on the Rise, What Happens to Online Publishers?

From AdAge: (Oh no!)
Confusion Reigns 

So BEFORE we jump to doom and gloom, we thought we’d consult Ryan Dohrn, an ad sales expert who has worked extensively with niche publishers. We asked him what the Apple ad-blocking hoopla really means for digital media ad sales:

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4 Ways to Improve Your Ad Sales Right Now!


Sales expert Ryan Dohrn of Brain Swell Media gives us 4 ways to jump-start your ad sales today!

As an ad sales executive, I look for ways to improve on a daily basis. But I don’t expect immediate improvement–without a commitment to making things happen. What do I mean by that? Many media sales professionals are looking for a “quick fix.” That’s pretty unrealistic, don’t you agree?

And let’s face it–with all of the media channels out there, advertisers are more confused than ever about their marketing options.

Here are my four ideas to jump-start your week:

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5 Must-Read Posts on Digital Media

We’re picking up speed to the Niche Digital Conference in Savannah, Sept. 28th-30th. So what’s top of mind for super-creatives in the digital media space? Here’s a quick, one-stop read of some of the best posts from our expert speakers to help you stay on track:



Keynote Andrew Davis Flips Revenue Model
Your Editors Can Be Your Next Revenue Rockstars!

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Ad Sales: Are You Losing a Client to the Competition?


Ad sales superstar Nancy O’Brien tells us how to keep a client on track…and not sign with the other guys!

You’re smoothly sailing along, knowing how to take care of your client and making your sales goals. Then all of a sudden, it seems like they somehow perceive your competition as a better fit! Yikes! Unsure how to proceed? Thinking that maybe you’ve lost the client and should move on?

Think again! We chatted up ad sales superstar Nancy O’Brien to find out how to re-direct this client’s misguided perceptions and get your advertiser back on track…with YOU.

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Integrated Proposals to the Max: An Interview with PennWell’s Paul Andrews


Media guru Paul Andrews shines the light on how best to maximize your clients’ digital media dollars.

The integrated proposal conundrum: From basic banners to strategic social media boosts, which ad units should be offered, when should they be offered, and what metrics should be used?  We interviewed publishing guru Paul Andrews on how to prepare a campaign proposal that will give clients the most bang for their buck. It’s all about the right-timing.

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Mobile-First Web Design: Expert Advice from Roberta Muller

Responsive website design that allows your editorial content and ads to scale across different screen sizes? Check. A mobile-first strategy that responds to the demands of our ever-shifting media markets? Check. But what about better engagement, more market share and sustainable growth?


SVP Roberta Muller shares her insights with us and busts some myths on mobile-first web design.

We interviewed expert Roberta Muller, SVP of Product Development for Northstar Media, for some practical advice for niche publishers on adopting a digital strategy for long-term success.

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Niche Digital Conference 2015: Savannah or Bust!!


“Midnight in the Garden of Good and  Evil” embraces Savannah’s unique, passionate and sometimes eccentric spirit—a perfect fit for Niche!

The Niche Digital Conference is in about two months and Thursday, July 23rd is the final super-discount deadline day! Here’s the Niche BIG 20! (20 reasons to attend the 2015 Niche Digital Conference.)

Niche digital publishers need 3 BIG THINGS: Concentrated time for learning new ways to generate online revenue, super-networking, and they need it fast! We have the perfect solution for you:

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How to Capture and Turbo-boost Your Audience’s Attention!


Beehive Media’s Bill Shander tells us how to clear through the digital clutter to get to the important stuff!

In our info-glut digital universe, it can be overwhelming to determine the right content strategy, target audiences, and sub-niches to create and increase reader engagement all at the same time. We asked Bill Shander, founder of Beehive Media and a true innovator, for insight into the dizzying world of digital content and data.

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Optimize This! Effective Social Media and Enewsletter Programming


Publishing leader Stewart Day talks about optimizing your digital platforms for increased audience engagement.

Social media and enewsletters are pretty much automatic checklist items for expanding both your digital audience and print subscribers. Yet it’s easy to get lost in all the media channels out there if you don’t have the whole team on board, all working toward the same audience development goals.

So how do you best manage these core digital platforms–and measure their effectiveness for growth? We checked in with Stewart Day of Nashville Parent to get his thoughts on how social media and enewsletters can play an important part of a niche magazine’s success.

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Savannah or Bust! Find New Digital Revenue Streams at the Niche Digital Conference!


Find new digital revenue streams at the 2015 Niche Digital Conference! Plus, how can you not like Carl hamming it up with the iconic Savannah “Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil” theme?

Let’s face it, our attendees for the Niche Digital Conference September 29th – 30th in Savannah, GA are a bunch of super-creatives in the niche media world. They think outside the box and they expect something new and different, every year. That  creativity and focus on digital revenue generation is reflected in our amazing (and growing) lineup of speakers and keynotes!

Andrew Davis – a true niche visionary – will show you how to hire and support an editorial team that will become your revenue rock stars. Benny DiCecca – who practically wrote the book on niche media company transformation and growth – will show you how to translate print into page views into dollars and expand your media company’s revenue-generating channels!

You’ll learn a ton from fellow attendees, too! Here are just some of the amazing digital revenue-generating ideas that came out of previous conferences: 15 Digital Revenue Ideas For Niche Magazine Publishers.

Plus, find the perfect mix of peer-to-peer learning and niche publishing experts with our hands-on revenue-generating workshops on the 28th! Learn to close bigger deals faster or create your ultimate B2B or B2C digital strategy.

This year we’ll be in the awesome city of Savannah, GA. We’ve never held an event there before, and we couldn’t be more excited! This is an amazing city with a fascinating history. We’ll be right in the heart of the historic district! So many iconic movies have been filmed here, too! That’s how we got our 2015 theme – Niche in the Garden of Web & Mobile! That statue looks kind of familiar… (Learn more about this iconic Savannah reference here!)

Why are we telling you all this now? Because the pre-program May Madness Discount Deadline is Thursday, May 28th–you can save up to $600! But don’t wait until the deadline–only a limited number of spaces are available at the May Madness price!

We hope we see you there this year. We limit attendance to create a quality, all-in experience for our attendees. Everyone gets a bunch of valuable takeaways, plus there’s the power bonus–everyone learns from each other. That’s the Niche Digital Conference way!

ND-logo-2015-sm 2


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