The Radical Transformation of Media: An interview with CEO Don Nicholas


CEO Don Nicholas on publishing lessons learned from the past that can transform your present!

Publishers often talk about radical transformation of media since digital publishing came on the scene and turned traditional media organizations on their head. But let’s not point fingers.  In a recent CJR post, they make the point that although there’s been recent downturns in big digital media organizations, it still forces niche media to look lessons to be learned from the past AND from present. [Read more…]

Micropayments Versus Subscriptions For Digital Content


Micropayments or subscriptions for digital content? CEO Rob Ristagno shares his insights.

Publishers have gotten the message that they need to innovate to survive. Innovation can take several forms – new content areas, new products, new business models. As digital ad dollars grow scarcer, some publishers have turned to the idea of micropayments to monetize their web and mobile content. [Read more…]

Bust Outta Your Rut: Avoid These 10 Digital Content Pitfalls!


Getting too complacent maybe? Avoid these 10 digital content pitfalls!

Constantly creating quality digital content that engages (and ultimately converts) your niche audience is a big job. Or it should be. But sometimes it’s easy to sink into a nice, comfy rut, cranking out content you think your audience loves. That topic worked so well then that it must work tomorrow too, right?

Not necessarily. High-caliber content creation is about always having that constant pulse on your niche market and paying attention not only to the big audience shifts but the subtle ones too. And it’s about not letting your publication get too complacent.

Here are some common ruts that publishers can fall into: [Read more…]

Power Move: Partner with Advertisers for Videos!


Bright idea: Partner with your advertisers to create successful videos that lead to conversion!

Bright idea: Partner with your advertisers to produce promotional, informative videos…that lead to conversions.

Yeah, you know all about that. It’s not always the easiest alternative for a small-to-medium publisher with a tight budget. But have you tried it yet?

Of course you want an amazing video. Video advertising can be highly effective, even going viral. Or it can become an expensive disaster. Even worse, your video can so boring it hurts your brand(s) instead of helping it.

But it can make sense to partner with your advertisers to create truly innovative videos without breaking the bank. It can be a win-win if you do it right. How to do it, you ask? [Read more…]

SO Many Smart Reasons to Attend the 2016 Niche Digital Conference!

 “I can’t possibly unchain myself from my desk. Who has the time?”


1. YOU need to get yourself out of your office and learn from industry experts about what’s working, what’s not and what’s cutting edge—in order to thrive in niche publishing. No excuses.

2. You will learn tons of new, revenue-generating takeaways to implement back at the office!

3. The 2016 Niche Digital Conference will be held in super-fun Denver this year. It’s the perfect match—digital publishing revenue opportunities are exploding and so is Denver’s Downtown! In addition to LODO, the Mile-High City boasts Union Station, Larimer Square.

4. Registration today means you get it all! You get EVERYTHING – Conference admission to ALL sessions, 2 Keynotes, breakfast each day, lunch each day,  the Niche Orientation Party, Niche Mile High Welcome Reception, Digital Nichee Awards Party and access to ALL speaker presentations.

5. picture-688 Learn how to Stop Giving Away Your Audience! Hear startup veteran-turned-VC brand builder (and visionary) Jay Acunzo talk about transforming passive readership into active customers and exponentially increasing revenue at the same time—and big time.


6. picture-689Brad Fayfield, Founder of Storm Mountain Media, will show niche publishers how digital and social channels can allow you to engage with your audience and communicate with unrivaled efficiency! Same as it Ever Was… Radical Digital Reach and Print “Magazine” Media


7. In addition to these inspiring keynotes, we have an all-star line-up of speakers and sessions covering everything  from monetizing video to revitalizing your email marketing to creating online courses that your audience and advertisers will love.

8. Did we mention that the Early Bird Discount Deadline is Thursday, August 25th?? And that you’ll save $300 if you register today?

9. The Niche Digital Conference provides tons of opportunities for you to make meaningful connections and cultivate new revenue ideas with your peers.

10. Niche Bonus: Boost your Digital Publishing Strategy at a Niche Hands-On Revenue Workshops!  Our hands-on 1/2-day workshops are 100% practical and revenue-generating. Choose from Creating Your Digital Transition Action PlanNative Advertising: Selling Paid Sponsor Content, and City & Regional Digital Strategy Action Plan.

11. Just for you, right now: 12 Quick Digital Revenue Ideas

12. And don’t forget the 2016 Nichee Awards. Find your place in the sun among your digital publishing peers! (And yes, there’s a fun party too.)

13. To top it all off? The conference is going to be held at the Embassy Suites. Can you say a free made-to-order breakfast, evening cocktail hour, and your own two-room suite? This beautiful hotel is steps from downtown Denver’s Performing Arts Complex, 16th Street Mall, Larimer Square, multiple sports venues  and more!


Don’t miss out because you waited until the last minute!

You know you need to do it and that your brand is worth it. What are you waiting for?

Registration NOW means you get it all!

[Read more…]

The Ulimate Website Makeover: An interview with Brian Lewis


Digital expert Brian Lewis shares his insights about website redesign and the user experience.

You know you need to do it. Are you hesitant to spend some bucks on a website redesign, unsure if it will increase traffic and revenues? What’s the right focus, you ask? It’s all about improving the user experience! The goal is a conversion optimization.

We interviewed Brian Lewis, CEO of Wolfhound Interactive, to get his insights on what’s important for niche publishers to understand about their websites, before they take the plunge on redesign:

NMHQ:  First of all, what do niche publishers need to understand about “visitor intent”?  [Read more…]

Digital Marketing: “Old-School” is New Again….and Still Rocks Big-Time!

Back in the good old sales days, it was all about the power of persuasion. You know–back then salespeople had to have a handful of proven techniques, like listening to potential prospects, adjusting the sales pitch and being able to close deals.


Matt Bailey on why old school is new again in the digital space!

Fast forward to the era of digital marketing…and much has changed. Yet niche publishing pros still need these tried-and-true sales techniques more than ever in order to reach, convert, and grow audience.

So what are some of the most popular old-school sales techniques and how do you retrofit them into your website design, marketing, calls to action, engagement, measurement, and subscriber management? [Read more…]

How Can You Lower Costs AND Increase Sales? Segment, Segment, Segment!


Want to lower marketing costs and increase sales? It’s all about segmentation!

Segmentation allows companies simultaneously to lower marketing costs and increase sales. The results speak for themselves. I have seen segmentation benefit many media firms and publishers. Actual outcomes include:

  • 50% increase in email conversion
  • 10 point increase in profit margins
  • 15% increase in sales
  • $300,000 reduction in marketing spend without affecting sales

[Read more…]

Stop Giving Away Your Audience! An interview with Keynote Jay Acunzo


Whiz kid Jay Acunzo shares his insights into new revenue models in a brave new world of audience development.

The old model: Publishers gain readership through high-quality, niched content and then redirect their audience to advertisers.

Pause. Ditch that!

What if you did the unthinkable and stopped giving your audience away?  A whole new generation of media companies are reinventing their revenue models by owning every layer of the audience relationship. There is an enormous opportunity to develop new revenue by daring to stop selling advertising and start selling products.

So where do niche publishers start? We talked with startup veteran-turned-VC brand builder (and visionary) Jay Acunzo to learn more about transforming passive readership into active customers and exponentially increasing revenue at the same time. [Read more…]

10 Easy Ways to Monetize Niche Magazine Content!

Wow! When the niche publishers at our conferences share ideas, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating new ways to monetize niche magazine content. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the great ideas shared at the last Niche Digital Conference:

Implementing even one new idea can have a HUGE return! Have fun with 50!

Implementing even one new idea can have a HUGE return!

1. Spread out your content! Don’t publish all of your magazine’s content online at the beginning of the month. Use the date stamping tools of your content management system to load your content all at once, but publish it piece by piece over a period of time.

2. Segment digital content by audience.  One extended education or training piece can be broken down into different segments based on the audience.  With one 60-minute lecture, you can sell an e-book, DVD, 12 “5-minute tips,” etc. [Read more…]