How to Improve Your Event ROI

Improve your ROI by attending events about events!

Are you taking full advantage of this huge growth area? Over 84% of publishers today are producing events. Events can be high profit, increase your audience reach and retention, plus boost your brand visibility across your niche market.

It doesn’t matter whether you are B2B, B2C or Association, everyone wants to know more about putting on successful events. Should they create new ones? Should they go super-targeted, or big, big big? Should they overhaul or shut down their existing show that keeps declining in revenue?

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Publisher Events: How to Add Value to Your Sponsorships


Boost the value of your sponsorships with these tips from the experts.

Events can bring in a whole new revenue stream to niche publishers–if done right. Securing sponsorship dollars is key. But demonstrating the unique value of your events to sponsors is a never-ending challenge, right? And trying to convince sponsors about a new event isn’t easy either.

We checked in with some of our experts to get their insight on some of the key drivers of profitable sponsorships and the best ways for publishers to deliver value. [Read more…]

Creating New Revenue Streams with Events: Carl’s Quick Tips for Starting Off Right!


Thinking about a new event or growing an existing one? Read Carl’s quick tips to keep you on track to success!

So it’s a new year and your magazine is strategizing about new revenue streams and ways to deepen the bond with your devoted niche audience. Are you thinking about starting a new event or growing an existing event?

Here are my 5 quick tips on how to start off your event on the right track to revenue:

  1. Always, always pre-plan:  You always need to have more and better communication in the pre-event stages. Why? How you communicate before the event will make a BIG difference in the success of your event, as it’s all about keeping your speakers, sponsors and staff in the loop. Plus the only way you can have your speakers and sponsors help you, promote your event, and feel they are a part of the event “team” is to keep them involved in the PRE-planning processes. Read more: 3 keys for pre-event planning [Read more…]

Niche Media: Looking forward to 2016!


The new year brings new ideas and revenue-generating strategies. It’s the perfect time to experiment!

We’ve had an amazing year. I hope you had a great one too! The quiet time around the holidays is a perfect opportunity to reflect on all the awesome stuff you did this year and plan something new for next year. It’s about getting your publishing house in order so you have the time to experiment.

At Niche Media HQ this year we started a new podcast, Events: What Wakes You Up at 3:00 am?, created our first ad sales infographic (stay tuned for more), changed up our Niche Media Conference format with more roundtables, and fine-tuned our second Niche EventFest! We also moved the Niche CEO Summit west, coming soon in February in San Diego. Whew! And we’re only getting started. [Read more…]

5 Great Marketing Strategies for Niche Events!


Carl shares 5 great niche event marketing strategies that really work!

I’ve been creating niche events (under 2,000 attendees) for over a decade now and have picked up some sure-fire event marketing strategies along the way. Creating dynamic marketing strategies for you events is definitely not for the faint of heart, don’t you agree?

Here’s 5 event marketing ideas to keep your attendees coming back for more: 

  1. Your event’s website is a year-round marketing tool – use it!

Open registration for your next event as soon as possible and update the content the moment new information is available. Provide real content, such as last year’s session slides, new session descriptions, videos, etc. to give people a reason to keep coming back. Here’s a keynote speaker example from one of our conferences: [Read more…]

Planning Your Niche Events: Does This Contract Make My Budget Look Fat?


Jeff Bruss of COLE Publishing shares his tips on planning and budgets for niche events.

Planning and budgeting for a niche event is THE critical first step of the whole process. Jeff Bruss, event expert and President of COLE Publishing, spoke last week on this very topic at Niche EventFest, a conference all about organizing niche events.

If you are thinking about putting on your first event or starting a new one, here are some quick tips from Jeff. [Read more…]

Tips from a Pro: Create Unforgettable Networking at Your Event

Phil Mershon is Director of Events at Social Media Examiner, a huge online resource for all things social media. You could call it the world’s top social media magazine! Phil oversees two signature events annually, Social Media Marketing World and Social Media Success Summit.


Event Pro and Social Media Guru Phil Mershon shares his insights with our readers.

We asked him to share his insights with our niche publishing audience:

NMHQ: Why is it important for niche event-organizers to create unforgettable events? Does it really matter to the bottom line?


To clarify some terms, I mean by unforgettable that people will talk about it for weeks and months to come in positive terms (none of us want to organize the government events that were ridiculed by politicians and the press a few years ago). Some reasons this is important: First, you want people to talk about your event to their peers so that your event is front of mind for people when looking for their next event (the marketing benefit). Second, people learn better when they have strong experiences (the educational benefit). Third, if people enjoy themselves, they are less likely to complain about the stuff that goes wrong and you will get few requests for refunds and little negative press (the financial benefit).”

NMHQ: Tell us more about some super-effective ways to take event-networking to the next level. What are some real-world examples that have worked well?


“One of my favorite examples of event networking comes from Larry Benet (a.k.a. The Connector). When he attends events he gets attendees to meet 3 total strangers and ask them a simple question, “Who are you hoping to meet or what are you hoping to learn while you’re here?” asked differently “How can I help you?” After listening to each other, these people are likely to remember the conversation and seek them out when they meet the person who can help. Larry then goes out of his way to provide value to the people he meets (he sent me chocolate covered strawberries and then introduced me to a speaker whose brother is a world famous jazz violinist, because Larry knew that I am a jazz saxophonist). He made a huge impression on me as he sought to help me with my burning needs. We allowed twenty minutes for some guided networking and this led to many fruitful conversations.

Another tactic that works well is to hire a Networking Ambassador, a professional connector who helps facilitate personal networking and event networking. We have hired one each of the last two years and plan to hire two next year because they provided tremendous value. Come to the session to see who I recommend :)”

NMHQ: What are three ways to effectively leverage the rave reviews after the event is over?


Some of the ways to leverage powerful reviews are to:

1) create a testimony page where you display the testimonies like we did here: 

2) get video reviews and create a video that can be shared on Youtube and in your event promotions: (see video on this link:

3) collect the articles and tweets that people post and share those with your attendees and audience.” 

Editor’s Note:  You can learn more from Phil in person at the 2014 Niche EventFest in New Orleans, Nov 3rd-5th. Phil will be leading the session, 7 Unusual Ways to Create Unforgettable Networking at Your Event. Check it out!


Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! Plus, Carl Landau – Niche Media’s Grand Poobah – has launched a blog all about creating and marketing targeted events –  Check it out!

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Top 10 Niche Event Marketing Strategies…and More!


Carl gives us his Top 10 niche event marketing strategies for success!

Today we were going to write a blog post as a follow-up to a webinar last week by our very own Carl Landau on the hot topic of niche event marketing.

But the smart folks at Knowledge Marketing, (no pun intended) beat us to the punch and summed up everything quite nicely for you, our niche publishing audience.

In addition to addressing Carl’s Top 10 Event Marketing Strategies, the author talks about what it’s like to be an attendee at one of our conferences.

  • So you need event marketing strategies that work? Check.
  • Never been to one of our conferences but curious what they are like? Check.
  • Want to improve how you are branding your events? Check.

It’s all here in one post for you: What is Your Event’s Brand?


P.S. Thanks, KM for saying it better than we could say it ourselves. [Read more…]

Is Your Niche Event on the Decline? Here’s 5 Key Areas to Get Your Event Back on Track


Here’s Carl’s 5 key areas to focus to get your niche event back on track.

I have been creating successful events for a long time. Every once in awhile, I will get a call from a niche publisher who is frustrated by the results of one of their niche events and is not sure where to start or who to blame.

They want to know what went wrong and how to get their event back in growth mode. Often the niche event had been a sure-fire formula for a long time, but it suddenly fell flat. Why?

It could be declining attendance, or lack of sponsors or less revenue generated—but it is usually a combination of several factors that create the problem. The publishers need to either fix it fast or watch it fade away.

Here are 5 key areas to analyze when an event isn’t producing the results you want so you can get it back on track and growing:

1. Market: What are the overall market conditions for the event you are producing? Has your competition changed or grown? Time to do some research and call on experts.

2. Dates: Check the timing of your event. Just because these dates or that time frame has worked in the past, does not necessarily mean they will always work best for your audience forever. Survey your attendees and sponsors and do some research on what other events are happening about the same time. It might be time to change it up. [Read more…]

Promote Your Event with a Social Media Persona!


Create a social media persona for your events and it will kick up your promotion to a new level.

About 80% of niche magazine publishers are organizing annual events for their niche audience. They are also partnering with existing events even more than ever before, plus niche-ing their niche even further with new special events. In all cases, publishers recognize the opportunity for a profitable new revenue stream and a powerful way to connect with their niche.

Ben Schwartz offers up some great tips to promote your events by giving them a voice and a personality. Here’s what Ben shared with us: [Read more…]