Expand Your Niche Media Brand! An interview with Joe Pulizzi


CMI’s Joe Pulizzi talks about new ways niche magazines can leverage their content and expand their brand.

Are you uncertain about finding new growth opportunities for the next two months to two years? And if you do decide where to invest your valuable time and budget, is it certain you will get the ROI you need? We asked Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute (named the fastest growing business media company in North America by Inc. magazine), to talk about ways to drive new revenue growth and expand your niche media brand. [Read more…]

Niche Digital Conference 2015: Savannah or Bust!!


“Midnight in the Garden of Good and  Evil” embraces Savannah’s unique, passionate and sometimes eccentric spirit—a perfect fit for Niche!

The Niche Digital Conference is in about two months and Thursday, July 23rd is the final super-discount deadline day! Here’s the Niche BIG 20! (20 reasons to attend the 2015 Niche Digital Conference.)

Niche digital publishers need 3 BIG THINGS: Concentrated time for learning new ways to generate online revenue, super-networking, and they need it fast! We have the perfect solution for you:

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The Not-So-Secret Sauce for B2B Digital Strategies!


Jeff Bruss gives us the straight stuff on how to create B2B digital strategies that really work!

Digital channels present ample opportunity for B2B publishers (regardless of their niche) to form much stronger connections with their audiences. Those connections are the not-so-secret sauce for building new ad programs and growing your business.

So what are the key revenue-driving components of a successful B2B digital strategy? Is it only lead generation, data collection, user tracking/analytics and surveys, or are there more revenue-generating strategies out there you can tap into?

Digital luminary Jeff Bruss, President of the very successful COLE Publishing, knows a thing or two about how to create innovative and effective B2B digital strategies. We asked him to share his wisdom from the digital B2B world:

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Tips from a Pro: Create Unforgettable Networking at Your Event

Phil Mershon is Director of Events at Social Media Examiner, a huge online resource for all things social media. You could call it the world’s top social media magazine! Phil oversees two signature events annually, Social Media Marketing World and Social Media Success Summit.


Event Pro and Social Media Guru Phil Mershon shares his insights with our readers.

We asked him to share his insights with our niche publishing audience:

NMHQ: Why is it important for niche event-organizers to create unforgettable events? Does it really matter to the bottom line?


To clarify some terms, I mean by unforgettable that people will talk about it for weeks and months to come in positive terms (none of us want to organize the government events that were ridiculed by politicians and the press a few years ago). Some reasons this is important: First, you want people to talk about your event to their peers so that your event is front of mind for people when looking for their next event (the marketing benefit). Second, people learn better when they have strong experiences (the educational benefit). Third, if people enjoy themselves, they are less likely to complain about the stuff that goes wrong and you will get few requests for refunds and little negative press (the financial benefit).”

NMHQ: Tell us more about some super-effective ways to take event-networking to the next level. What are some real-world examples that have worked well?


“One of my favorite examples of event networking comes from Larry Benet (a.k.a. The Connector). When he attends events he gets attendees to meet 3 total strangers and ask them a simple question, “Who are you hoping to meet or what are you hoping to learn while you’re here?” asked differently “How can I help you?” After listening to each other, these people are likely to remember the conversation and seek them out when they meet the person who can help. Larry then goes out of his way to provide value to the people he meets (he sent me chocolate covered strawberries and then introduced me to a speaker whose brother is a world famous jazz violinist, because Larry knew that I am a jazz saxophonist). He made a huge impression on me as he sought to help me with my burning needs. We allowed twenty minutes for some guided networking and this led to many fruitful conversations.

Another tactic that works well is to hire a Networking Ambassador, a professional connector who helps facilitate personal networking and event networking. We have hired one each of the last two years and plan to hire two next year because they provided tremendous value. Come to the session to see who I recommend :)”

NMHQ: What are three ways to effectively leverage the rave reviews after the event is over?


Some of the ways to leverage powerful reviews are to:

1) create a testimony page where you display the testimonies like we did here: www.socialmediaexaminer.com/smmworld/testimonies/ 

2) get video reviews and create a video that can be shared on Youtube and in your event promotions: (see video on this link: www.socialmediaexaminer.com/smmworld/testimonies/)

3) collect the articles and tweets that people post and share those with your attendees and audience.” 

Editor’s Note:  You can learn more from Phil in person at the 2014 Niche EventFest in New Orleans, Nov 3rd-5th. Phil will be leading the session, 7 Unusual Ways to Create Unforgettable Networking at Your Event. Check it out!


Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! Plus, Carl Landau – Niche Media’s Grand Poobah – has launched a blog all about creating and marketing targeted events – blog.NicheEventNation.com  Check it out!

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Niche Your Niche: Small Magazines Find New Revenue Streams by looking Within

Niche magazines know their niche. But most successful ones don’t just rely on what THEY think they know–they ask their readers what they want.


Niche your Niche! Here’s one real-world example on how a small magazine looked within and found great success.

Thriving niche magazines are also constantly searching for new ways to meet the needs of their evolving audience. These ideas have to make financial sense and make the readers happy a the same time.

How do you benefit your niche community AND create an additional revenue stream at the same time? [Read more…]