5 Expert Tips to Improve Your Product Conversations with Advertisers


Here’s five tips on having successful product conversations with your advertisers.

“We don’t have the budget for that.”       

         “Management is skeptical about the ROI.”

“We want to focus ALL our advertising dollars on just…..”

Any of these sound familiar? It’s great when advertisers are committed to print or excited about the possibilities of digital. But sometimes, even now, you need to prove to your clients how “either-or” thinking can actually hurt their marketing efforts.

What are the secrets to having successful integrated product conversations? It’s important to remember that you are having a meaningful exchange with your clients. It’s not about you trying to convince them how great your magazine is. It is about a constructive dialogue on how the right combination of your print and digital products will help them maximize their impact (and results) with your niche audience.

Here are 5 tips from our NASBT (Niche Ad Sales Brain Trust) on having a better integrated product conversation: [Read more…]

Keeping Clients: The Art of Advertiser Retention


So you lost an advertiser and don’t know why. Here’s 10 smart tips from Ryan Dohrn to help you get back on track!

We have all been there before…. an advertiser cancels for no apparent reason. You call them back and get no return call. You email them and no return email. You speculate. You wonder. You lost.

So, what now?

Here’s a better question: How much time do you dedicate to your advertiser retention plan? We know it is easier to retain a advertiser than find a new one. But you also have to work just as hard to keep your advertisers as you had to earn their business in the first place. [Read more…]