Media Ad Sales: Dare to be Great!

Even as a kid, Carl knew someday the Cleveland Cavaliers would come to their senses!

It was 1969 and I was 13 years old, totally immersed in sports. (My wife would argue that I still am.) To my full-on and complete excitement, my hometown was about to bring in an expansion basketball team to play in the NBA. For a teenage boy in a boring Midwest town, this was tantamount to the biggest thing ever happening in the world.

The local newspaper, the Plain Dealer, ran a front page news story announcing a contest to………name the team! I knew I had to find the perfect name. I stayed awake nights, tossing and turning until I came up with the best name ever. My friends and I discussed the contest pretty much every day at lunch. I told them my name was so great, I wouldn’t even tell them until right before the contest closed so no one else could steal it. I thought it was that good. Even when my buddies, Paul Schrank and Mike Fisko pressed me over cafeteria sloppy joes and tater tots to spill the goods, I didn’t budge. Not even. Click, click, click. [Read more…]

Overcome the 5 Roadblocks to Ad Sales Success!


Check out sales expert Ryan Dohrn’s tips on how to overcome the 5 roadblocks to magazine ad sales success.

What better time than President’s Day to take some time to think about the big questions? For example, is there something that is preventing you from exceeding your ad sales goals, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is?

One of the biggest problems I see in my ad sales training workshops is salespeople passing off their arbitrary patterns and random habits as a “sales process.” Ad sales randomness seems to be the new normal. I read hundreds of blogs posts each month via Twitter.  Many “experts” push agendas like… “Reinvent yourself daily” or “Commit to nothing except change.” Really?

I have found the exact opposite to be true. Commitment equals greater results in business (as well as life and love!)  So let’s remove the randomness–and roadblocks–from your sales life.

Here are five roadblocks and how you can overcome them: [Read more…]

7 Top Tips to Beat the Holiday Sales Blues!


Got the holiday sales blues? Fear not, Ryan has some great tips for you to turn your sales around this time of year.

This time of year business tends to slow down in Media Sales Land. At least that seems to be the mindset. Some ad sales reps even make the claim,“Nothing never happens between Dec 21st and Jan 8th.” That’s often a common excuse in the media sales business. I beg to differ!

This is an excellent time of year to grow as an ad sales professional. Rather than sing the holiday blues about advertisers not calling you back, or people not wanting to make any decisions.

Here are my 7 top tips to keep strong so that you can start the new year with a sales BANG: [Read more…]

Apple Ad-blocking: What’s it Mean for Niche Publishing?


Will Apple’s new software take a bite of the niche publishing audience? Expert Ryan Dohrn weighs in.

Publishers are buzzing about the latest ad-blocking software from Apple and what it all means. Will it affect niche digital publishers and how? In past posts we’ve shared different voices on the matter: Apple to Introduce Ad-Blocking and Apple Effects.

But between gloomy predictions of the end of the internet (maybe the entire world, while giants Apple vs Amazon vs Facebook vs Google vs Godzilla combat) and hyper-chirpy press about all the reader benefits, what’s the real deal?

[Read more…]

Sales Management Revolution: Financial Times Rolls Out Cost per Hour Advertising


Are niche publishers going to ride the new CPH wave or stick with the CPM model?

Check out this recent article in Ad Age about how the Financial Times has officially rolled out a CPH (cost per hour) metric, where advertisers pay for “attention time,” thus shattering the impression-based CPC (cost per click) model.

Financial Times selling long-form display ads

What else can niche publishers learn from the Financial Times’ big new advertising play? [Read more…]

Ad Sales Tips from the Experts: Are you a Sales Introvert or an Extrovert?


Here are some expert tips for introverts and extroverts….working together for a winning sales team!

Are you an Introvert or an Extrovert? This can make a BIG difference in how you handle being part of an A-Sales team.

Experts Don Nichols and Ed Coburn gave an excellent presentation at this year’s Niche Digital Conference about various types of people that make up super sales teams. It’s all about learning ways to be effective and successful within a team environment.

Here are some of their quick tips on how to be your best in a top sales team environment:

If you’re an Introvert on an Extrovert team: [Read more…]

It’s “Controlled Panic Time” for Ad Salespeople!


Control the ad sales panic this time of year with Carl’s “how-to prioritize your calls” list!

It’s mid-September—such a beautiful time of the year. Temperatures are beginning to cool a bit, the leaves on the trees are getting ready to change colors, the kids are back in school. How wonderful!

Oh………except if you’re in ad sales. Then this time of year means “GO TIME!!”

Like most of ad sales, organization is the key. For example, most ad sales people have something like 300 – 400 clients they need to contact in some way in the next 6 weeks to sell them some sort of 2015 schedule. How in the heck do you do that?

Well, by now I hope you’ve sent your 2015 promo pieces out. You’ve sent emails out to everyone. You have laid the foundation. But now is the tough part: Calling all the clients! [Read more…]