The Ad Sales Pro: 7 Smart Ways to Keep Yourself Pumped Up!


Here’s some ways to get yourself out of an Ad Sales Funk!

It  happens.

You feel up against a brick wall, out of leads, stuck in a rut. You don’t know when it happened, but somehow you find yourself pretty deep into an ad sales funk. And it doesn’t even matter how long you’ve been in the biz, it can happen to anyone.

So how can you can climb back to the top of your game and keep yourself feeling super-motivated?

First step: Don’t despair. It’s temporary. Take a deep breath and get ready to make some changes.

Here are 7 smart ways to get your ad sales motivation back on track: [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: TGIF!!


When is the best time to make a prospect call? Carl shares his secret to success.

When I graduated from Miami University in Ohio, there was no back up plan. (My adoring mother decided to live her own life by getting out of Cleveland and moving to Florida.) I sent out hundreds of resumes, determined to land a fine job in marketing. In the meantime, I had to eat, so I took a job for a few weeks at TGI Friday’s. So many red-and-white-striped shirts!

I shared this story with my wife recently. As Niche Media’s Content Wrangler, she’d also been bugging me all week to write an ad sales blog post. Then it hit me……..

I LOVE Fridays! I’ll tell you why. [Read more…]

Ad Sales: Using Tech to Boost New Business


Check out Ryan’s 6 tech tips for ad sales reps to boost their new business.

Sales coach, author and speaker Ryan Dorhn recently taught an ad sales workshop at the Niche Digital Conference in Denver. Here are some of his sales tips for ad sales reps on how to use tech to boost new business:

Sales Tip #1: Love your CRM!

Go back and assess your A, B and C clients and see where you need to re-prioritize. Dig deeper into your notes and see if there are any missed opportunities in niche-ing your niche. (Not using your CRM is like refusing a free gift!) [Read more…]

Have You Hugged a “Whale” Today?


“Whale” clients can be critical to your niche media business!

No, I’m not asking you to take a trip to Sea World and wrap your arms around Shamu. For us niche publishers, “Whales” are our most engaged and enthusiastic audience members. They usually only make up about 5% of our customer base, but they are critical to our long term success.

I decided to use the term “Whale” when I read about how Steve Wynn built his casino empire. In gambling, the highest rollers are nicknamed “Whales.” Wynn started by focusing on Baccarat Whales, which make up less than 0.2% of the gambling universe. Steve created an experience suited to their wants and needs. They came and brought their money and cachet along with them. Other gamblers followed. Wynn now makes over $5 billion per year! [Read more…]

Faced with new competition? Carl’s 7 smart tips on what to do next!


New competition got your head spinning? Here’s Carl’s 7 smart tips on what to do about it!

You are a successful magazine publisher, hitting your stride, feeling good about the health of your niche market. Your editorial content is widely respected, your readership is growing and you have a healthy bank of advertisers. All good, right?

So what do you do about a NEW competitor? And how can you turn that competition to your advantage?

My 7 smart tips on what to do in the face of new competition:

1. Start with facts. If the other guys claim that they have any circulation before the first issue has come out, that is ridiculous. This is a good time to get YOUR numbers in order, too. It’s not just about circulation, however. You need to deeply research your audience, your market, and what’s changing now. [Read more…]

Media Ad Sales: Don’t Just Provide Info, Offer Solutions!


Don’t just provide info, help your clients by offering solutions!

Lately a bunch of people have been randomly poking around my son-in-law’s cul-de-sac, at all hours, glued to their phones, probably looking for a Dragonite or a Mew.

Of course by now most of us know why–it’s the wildly popular Pokemon GO mania. Everyone walking around, hoping to find their next stardust.

This latest craze made me think of how some salespeople are constantly bumping around too–looking for ways to help their clients, but not always sure what they’re looking for.

And although it’s important to keep your clients up-to-date with helpful information, that isn’t enough! An ad salesperson needs to offer their clients solutions to their problems. [Read more…]

Dear Advertisers: We Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!


Are your advertisers full of “Nope!” when you pitch new ideas and products? Here’s how to break through!

How many times have you tried to get your prospects and clients to sign on to your newly rolled-out, super-fantastic advertising program, (which is way better for them) BUT they don’t get it and don’t want to make any changes?

It can be frustrating right? Here are 5 top tips from some of our sales experts, Nancy O’Brien, Ryan Dohrn and Carl Landau on how to present a new ad sales program so your advertisers love it: [Read more…]

Create Some Ad Sales Monkey Business!


Add some fun into your ad sales. Do your clients know it’s the Year of the Monkey?

2016 is the Year of the Monkey, the 9th sign of the Zodiac Chinese Lunar calendar. Why should you care, as an ad salesperson?  It doesn’t hurt to find inspiration in new places, right? Plus it’s a fun reason to reach out to your ad clients. Here’s why:

First, the qualities of people born in Monkey years can easily be translated to the qualities of the super-salesperson: [Read more…]

Niche Publishing Management: 6 Tips on How to Hire the Right Salespeople


The foundation of every successful niche publisher is a great sales team.

Niche publishers produce their magazines with a small- to medium-sized staff. Having a team that works closely and well together is vital. Publishers often have to be concerned about driving and meeting advertising goals and turnover in the sales department.

So how do you find and retain the best salespeople? We listened in on the hot topic roundtable discussions at the last Niche CEO Summit and here are some of their top tips: [Read more…]

Do You Send an E-newsletter to Your Advertisers? Don’t Make it a Big Fat Bore!


Don’t create a boring advertiser newsletter! Here’s Ryan’s top tips to make your advertisers wake up and take notice!

An inbox ho-hum. A yawner. Scan one second, delete…..delete…

We’ve all received that big snoozer of an e-newsletter, right?

First tip: Do you send an e-newsletter to your advertisers? If not, do it today. It’s another great way to reach out to your database and make that connection.

And if you are already sending out an e-newsletter to your clients, do they even read it? Is it so good they immediately call you wanting more information? If not, try shakin’ things up. We consulted sales expert and trainer Ryan Dohrn to find out what makes a good ad sales e-newsletter even better. [Read more…]