News Flash! The Small Magazine Publisher is Thriving!

Guest blogger Steve Rank shares his insights on what makes a good niche magazine……great!

News Flash! The small magazine publisher is thriving – – even while mass-circulation colleagues are freshening up their resumes.

The secret: smaller magazines continue to speak convincingly to ever more narrow market segments. For example, there is a very successful publication strictly for teenage Hispanic girls who are planning their traditional coming of age parties. No niche is going unfilled.

With tremendous change underway, this is a good time for publishers and editors to review what makes a magazine great.

Take Pizza Today for example. For me, they get it right. It is a must read for every owner/operator in the pizza game. Everything in the book helps the reader operate more efficiently, stay abreast of trends and thrive. Features are often first person stories from other owner/operators. It’s like chatting with your best friend in the next town who is in the same business. Talk about rapport. I know, Pizza Today is a 40,000 circulation association mag and has great resources but the big idea is how they serve their readers so completely. Anyone can mimic this approach. [Read more…]

Talking Turkey: What We’re Grateful for in Niche Media


There’s a cornucopia of abundant possibilities for niche media!

Have you bought your turkey yet? Niche Grand Poobah Carl Landau is super-excited this year, because due to various comings and goings of family members, we have decided to do the holiday feast on…Friday. This means that on Thursday,  he will be munching on his favorite take-out Chinese food and watching the San Francisco 49-ers game. (His personal version of nirvana.)

This year, in addition to being deeply grateful to our readers and niche media publishing professionals everywhere, we decided to poll some of our most popular, beloved conference speakers. Evolution was the biggest theme in 2014 thanks to big data, the mobile imperative, new channels of content creation and distribution and more.

We asked these thought-leaders what change in niche media they are most grateful for this year: [Read more…]

Find Your Audience-Centric Ad Sales Mojo


Publisher Geoff Hird helps us find our audience-centric mojo.

We recently had the chance to interview Geoff Hird, Publisher of Westwick-Farrow Media. Geoff is a strong advocate of multiple media platforms and engaging with and influencing targeted audience groups. (He is also passionate about magazine media, surfing and his family – but not necessarily in that order.)

We asked him to share some key strategies with us on how to make that change from slogging along in the traditional ad sales way to soaring to new heights with a focus on audience.

Niche Media HQ:  Can you share with us some real life tips for niche publishers for shifting from ads and brands to being audience-centric?

Geoff: It really must start with the underbelly of your publishing business. The key lies in building (or buying) a CRM/operational system that allows easy access to subscriber data across each of your brands (magazine/newsletter/website), and across your business as a whole. If you cannot easily extract and sort subscriber data (preferably in real time), then an audience-centric sales model is not really an option. If as a publisher you do have this type of access to your audience, the next challenge is putting together some simple one-pager marketing sheets for your sales team and starting the education process with them. Some will get it immediately, some will get it in time, and some will just not get it – and that latter part of your team may well need to be moved on over time. [Read more…]