News Flash! The Small Magazine Publisher is Thriving!

Guest blogger Steve Rank shares his insights on what makes a good niche magazine……great!

News Flash! The small magazine publisher is thriving – – even while mass-circulation colleagues are freshening up their resumes.

The secret: smaller magazines continue to speak convincingly to ever more narrow market segments. For example, there is a very successful publication strictly for teenage Hispanic girls who are planning their traditional coming of age parties. No niche is going unfilled.

With tremendous change underway, this is a good time for publishers and editors to review what makes a magazine great.

Take Pizza Today for example. For me, they get it right. It is a must read for every owner/operator in the pizza game. Everything in the book helps the reader operate more efficiently, stay abreast of trends and thrive. Features are often first person stories from other owner/operators. It’s like chatting with your best friend in the next town who is in the same business. Talk about rapport. I know, Pizza Today is a 40,000 circulation association mag and has great resources but the big idea is how they serve their readers so completely. Anyone can mimic this approach. [Read more…]

Niche in the News: Think Big!


Big interest, big debate, big opportunities in the wonderful, wide world of Niche!

Where is this year going?? What are people in the industry talking about?? When will I have time to scan the news?

We’re here to help. Here are 3 hot niche topics in the news for June:

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How to Revitalize Your Magazine’s Social Media Program


Content Marketing Guru Carla Johnson tells us how you can revitalize your social media programs.

Want to revitalize your social media strategy but not sure where to start? We recently checked in with content marketing guru Carla Johnson, who will be leading the session: Social Impossible  at the Niche Digital Conference in Nashville this fall.

It’s all about transforming your magazine’s social presence from just a bland corporate Facebook page to a vibrant social media powerhouse. We asked Carla to share with us some insights and take-aways on where to start and give some real-world examples.

Niche Media HQ: Most niche publishers want to revitalize their social media programs in some way. What are 3 questions they should ask themselves before they start?

Carla Johnson:

1 – Why am I even on social media?
2 – What social media platforms does my audience use, and why (if any)?
3 – What resources (time and team) do I have to commit to create a consistent experience through social media? [Read more…]