Create Layouts That Connect to Your Readers!


Walking the tightrope between advertising and content isn’t easy. Take some tips from expert Steve Rank on creating a layout that connects!

LLS–Lazy Layout Syndrome, I call it. I still see design mistakes happening in niche magazines that really detract from the reader experience. There’s really no excuse for it! Sure, you have a small staff and you’re  jamming to get to deadline, but publishing a quality magazine must be the priority if you really want to connect with your readers.

Here a couple of common layout mistakes in niche magazines and solutions to make your magazine shine: [Read more…]

5 Ways to Create Covers That Reach Out and Grab!


Are your covers getting stale? Here’s Steve’s tips to grabbing the attention you want!

Covers take on extreme importance for small publishers. Why does it matter so much? Because a clever publisher can compete toe-to-toe with bigger, better financed books. Plus, a great cover signals that you are a player.

Here are 5 practical ways to get there: [Read more…]

News Flash! The Small Magazine Publisher is Thriving!

Guest blogger Steve Rank shares his insights on what makes a good niche magazine……great!

News Flash! The small magazine publisher is thriving – – even while mass-circulation colleagues are freshening up their resumes.

The secret: smaller magazines continue to speak convincingly to ever more narrow market segments. For example, there is a very successful publication strictly for teenage Hispanic girls who are planning their traditional coming of age parties. No niche is going unfilled.

With tremendous change underway, this is a good time for publishers and editors to review what makes a magazine great.

Take Pizza Today for example. For me, they get it right. It is a must read for every owner/operator in the pizza game. Everything in the book helps the reader operate more efficiently, stay abreast of trends and thrive. Features are often first person stories from other owner/operators. It’s like chatting with your best friend in the next town who is in the same business. Talk about rapport. I know, Pizza Today is a 40,000 circulation association mag and has great resources but the big idea is how they serve their readers so completely. Anyone can mimic this approach. [Read more…]

Refresh Your Magazine Cover Design!


Here’s some great info to get you inspired about your magazine cover!

Happy Friday, niche magazine professionals!

We are sharing a very interesting post on the elements of great magazine cover design from Actually, it’s a cross-post with Slate’s The Eye design blog and Roman Mars’ design podcast, 99% Invisible. So maybe I should say happy “think pretty” Friday?

It’s a podcast and post in one: (Plus there’s the cool factor…) [Read more…]