Native, Custom, Relevance and More: An Interview with Krystle Kopacz

It’s a brave new world in content creation! Facebook and Google wield enormous power. The swift increases in mobile and social consumption have become a game-changer. Is it possible your niche media business is missing out on new revenue opportunities? We recently interviewed digital revenue genius Krystle Kopacz on the challenges of maintaining profit margins all while diving into new content creation models:

Digital revenue expert Krystle Kopacz shares her insights on publishing revenue opportunities.

NMHQ: Is native advertising a buzzword or a cure-all? Are there mistakes you see being made out there that niche publishers should avoid? [Read more…]

The Ulimate Website Makeover: An interview with Brian Lewis


Digital expert Brian Lewis shares his insights about website redesign and the user experience.

You know you need to do it. Are you hesitant to spend some bucks on a website redesign, unsure if it will increase traffic and revenues? What’s the right focus, you ask? It’s all about improving the user experience! The goal is a conversion optimization.

We interviewed Brian Lewis, CEO of Wolfhound Interactive, to get his insights on what’s important for niche publishers to understand about their websites, before they take the plunge on redesign:

NMHQ:  First of all, what do niche publishers need to understand about “visitor intent”?  [Read more…]

Hey Advertisers–It’s Not Print vs Digital, it’s Print AND Digital!


It’s not an either-or advertising choice: Give your clients the best of print AND digital!

As a magazine ad sales professional, do you encounter prospects that only want to devote their ad dollars to digital? We know it’s not an either-or ad buy these days, it’s the full, integrated package! So here’s some handy links with stats and survey results (from the digital realm) on why print still matters. Start sharing with your prospects and clients this week: [Read more…]

Niche Media Digital Update: The Big Shift


Digital media update: Here’s the latest on all things new (and new again).

It was 1976 and everyone said it was a decade like no other. Apple was born, Nadia Comanici scored a perfect 10, the Viking 1 landed on Mars and movie fans cheered for Rocky. The Grammy went to “Send in the Clowns,” (which comes dangerously close to our current Presidential primaries.)

And now it’s 40 years later. Yet again we have a defining age and a new Rocky movie. As the evolution of digital media transforms traditional publishing models, all aspects of the business will have to change with it. Here’s a look at the latest buzz on what the future looks like: [Read more…]

The Niche Digital Conference Speaker Interview Collection!


Niche Digital Conference in Nashville happening right now. I’m just gonna say it: Wish I was there!

For the last 3 months we have been interviewing our smart and savvy Niche Digital Conference speakers so those of you who are not attending can still get the best and latest info from industry thought leaders about what’s happening in the niche media world–with a focus on the digital realm- that we are all grappling with and experimenting with and learning about. Whew.

The conference began Monday, September 30th, in Nashville. We completely sold out the conference (yay!) – we make sure we cap the conference at 250 in order to serve our mantra of quality not quantity

Here are links to some our conference speaker interviews, even the keynote interviews with cool creative leaders like Jay Baer and Aaron Kahlow. And everyone LOVES Andrew Davis and Carla Johnson, so there’s that. Sure it’s not the same as learning in person…not at all. You unfortunately were not able to take advantage of the opportunity of fun networking (our specialty) with niche publishing professionals like yourself. [Read more…]