How to Improve Your Event ROI

Improve your ROI by attending events about events!

Are you taking full advantage of this huge growth area? Over 84% of publishers today are producing events. Events can be high profit, increase your audience reach and retention, plus boost your brand visibility across your niche market.

It doesn’t matter whether you are B2B, B2C or Association, everyone wants to know more about putting on successful events. Should they create new ones? Should they go super-targeted, or big, big big? Should they overhaul or shut down their existing show that keeps declining in revenue?

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Publisher Events: New stuff to check out!


What’s on YOUR niche event horizon?

Thinking of starting a new event or want to improve revenues on an existing one? Niche publishers are usually so busy organizing, planning and managing their own events (in addition to daily managing their publications) that there isn’t near enough time to check out all the new, improved event models out there.

We asked Sean Guerre, Partner at Stone Fort Group to share some insights on new opportunities for publishers: [Read more…]

Creating New Revenue Streams with Events: Carl’s Quick Tips for Starting Off Right!


Thinking about a new event or growing an existing one? Read Carl’s quick tips to keep you on track to success!

So it’s a new year and your magazine is strategizing about new revenue streams and ways to deepen the bond with your devoted niche audience. Are you thinking about starting a new event or growing an existing event?

Here are my 5 quick tips on how to start off your event on the right track to revenue:

  1. Always, always pre-plan:  You always need to have more and better communication in the pre-event stages. Why? How you communicate before the event will make a BIG difference in the success of your event, as it’s all about keeping your speakers, sponsors and staff in the loop. Plus the only way you can have your speakers and sponsors help you, promote your event, and feel they are a part of the event “team” is to keep them involved in the PRE-planning processes. Read more: 3 keys for pre-event planning [Read more…]

3 Quick Tips for Expanding Your Niche Event


Thinking about expanding your niche event? Here’s 3 quick tips to keep in mind from Bill Thompson III.

Last week co-publisher Bill Thompson III of Bird Watcher’s Digest shared his insights on how to better survey (and ultimately serve) your reader audience: Savvy Survey Insights.

So are you thinking about expanding your live niche event? Bird Watcher’s Digest has a highly successful line up of big events with thousands of attendees, including a global expo. In part 2 of his interview, we asked him to share some advice on expanding niche event(s). [Read more…] Magazine Nails Its Niche!

QuinceaneraEach month we recognize a magazine that is outstanding in its niche. This month’s pick:

Sometimes we find a niche magazine that hits all possible points within its niche, and this is a fantastic example of a magazine doing it all right. serves Hispanic families and helps young Latinas plan the quineanera of their dreams.  This is no small undertaking…the average spending for a quinceanera celebration is $20,000! Families want information, resources, and advice to guide them through the planning process. That’s where comes in. [Read more…]

Choosing the Right Event Platform: A Chat with Elizabeth Petersen


Event guru Elizabeth Petersen shares her niched-out event insights with us.

The term “Rock Star” is thrown around a bunch these days, but when it comes to event guru Elizabeth Petersen, she’s the real deal. She candidly shares the ups and downs, ins and outs of live events. She’s one of those experts that not only tells you what she’s learned to be wildly successful, but also what hasn’t worked and why. We interviewed her briefly this week leading up to the Niche Media Conference in March.

NMHQ:  What are some good guidelines for choosing the right event model?

Elizabeth:  Costs, pricing, market competition, and, ultimately, your appetite for risk. Not every event needs to follow the tradition (and expensive!) trade show model. While there certainly is a place for the live, in-person conference in this day and age, there are many lower-cost digital event platforms. It’s not a perfect science, but it’s possible to gauge your customers’ interest in a higher-priced in-person event by testing with inexpensive e-events. 

NMHQ:  What are some new event marketing efforts you’ve been using lately that are working? [Read more…]

Growth Trends for Niche Media in 2015


2015 trends are looking up. What’s in your 2015 growth plans?

Are you ready? According to the new FIPP World Magazine Trends 2014-15 report, total magazine revenue will resume growth in 2015.    

We also know that digital ad spending year-over-year continues to increase. On Joe Pulizzi’s recent podcast, Content Marketing Predictions 2015, Joe and Robert Rose observe that many of the same predictions were made for 2014 and will be made for 2016, Why? Because it takes most organizations out there some time to adjust to the real changes happening right now in the marketplace.

What other areas can niche publishers look to for growth in 2015? [Read more…]

Summer of Niche: Events Are Made for Innovative Partnerships!


Creating new, unique events with new partners can produce exciting results!

Creating powerful partnerships just got a whole lot more interesting! Sure, we have written plenty on this blog about creating successful, innovative partnerships and showcased a plethora of niche mags who do just that.

But how do you build on that?? How do you connect diverse groups to start something new and expand your reach beyond your current readers?

Edible South Florida did it—with amazing results!

Editor Gretchen Schmidt clued us in to how they took innovative partnerships to a whole new level last month by joining forces with other like-minded, creative groups to create a NEW, original blockbuster event.

Gretchen tells us how they did it:

“What made this event special was the unlikely and successful intersection of engaged followers in the world of the arts and poetry, botany and horticulture, and farming/food/chefs. Each of us got what we were looking for!” [Read more…]

For Great Events, Help Your Speakers Succeed!

Our audience tells us that about 80% of niche magazine publishers are including events now as part of their revenue stream. If you do it right, it looks easy. But it takes a tremendous amount of skill and teamwork to pull of a successful event.

The Grand Poobah & Bryan Welch getting warmed up before the lunch keynote.

The Grand Poobah & Bryan Welch getting warmed up before the lunch keynote.

Finding and coaching the right speakers for your events is key. Think about developing a solid speaker “process” for your events. Nailing this one piece of the puzzle can make your whole event run more smoothly. Your speakers will thank you, and your attendees will really thank you.

Much of it is making sure that you spend some time preparing your speakers beforehand.

Here are Carl’s common mistakes to avoid with event speakers plus some tips to help them out: [Read more…]

Six Bright Ideas Lead to Niche Magazine Success in the Summer of Niche


Summer of Niche Sum-Up: Niche magazines share with us 6 bright ideas that lead to sunny success.

Well, it’s September and in most places that means summer is winding down. The kiddies are returning to school, the night air is a bit cooler. Do we really have to stop wearing flip-flops so soon? Plus you have to start thinking about holiday plans instead of vacation plans…..WAIT.

There is still a little summer left here at Niche Media HQ.  Time for the Summer of Niche Sum-Up! So grab some cold lemonade and review with us some of the coolest, creative ideas shared this summer by other niche media professionals just like yourself.

What were some common themes in the Summer of Niche series? First, all the great ideas lead to generating new revenue streams. They’re also about reaching out to broaden brand awareness. Across the board, they are about trying something new.

 Here are 6 Bright Ideas shared by niche magazines: [Read more…]