The ROI Roller Coaster: Or Why You Should Attend the 2016 Niche CEO Summit

I’m talking to you,

Publishing is moving at warp speed.  As CEO of a niche media company, how do you anticipate – and profit from – the seismic changes occurring in the niche magazine & media market?

The Niche CEO Summit is changing the way media leaders think about and plan for the growth of their businesses. We believe in the power of niche media and the power of conversation and connection to help you drive growth.

To that end, we’ve created an exclusive event for just 50 Niche CEOs. We’ve brought together top niche media experts to lead the conversation in a relaxed (yet focused) atmosphere so you can learn from the experts and your peers (plus share your own ideas) on the best ways to run your media business. It all takes place at the hip Hutton Hotel in Nashville, TN on November 14­-15, 2016. [Read more…]

Niche Digital Media: Trends to Watch!

As a niche magazine publisher, you often wear many, many hats. Keeping on top of everything at the company can be a constant challenge and probably sucks up most of your time. You know you need more time to continually be checking on the pulse of the ever-evolving media landscape if you want to grow the business.

So we recently tapped into our niche brain trust on which digital media trends to watch and more specifically–what they think digital publishers should be doing now.

picture-688Trends in digital revenue
Jay Acunzo, keynote and VP of Platform at NextView Ventures:

 It’s worth following publishers and media companies like The Information, Gimlet Media, and Mixergy. All three are wildly different in size, scope and topical focus, but all three (and many others) are testing out paid membership — and it really is “membership” and not the more traditional idea of “subscription.” [Read more…]

Niche Publishing News: Make a Bold Move!

Monkey Drawing low

Are you up on new developments in publishing? Stop monkeying around and read on.

We live in a media world where magazines are making radical moves–dropping print ads altogether, constantly launching new branded products and even making the ’80s new again. Even a distribution strategy that avoids the post office and uses a barge. (No kidding.)

Here’s the latest buzz in publishing: [Read more…]

Survey Said: Expert Tips from Niche Publishing Pros

How often should you do it? Should you do it more? What do you do after? We’re talking about reader surveys, of course. Most niche publishers say they know they can do a better job of getting audience feedback. And just as importantly—are the results being leveraged to their full potential?

We asked three niche publishing pros for their expert tips on where to start, how to create better surveys and if the results led to improvement and change. Read on: [Read more…]

Great Idea of the Week: Use Your Online Media to Promote Your Print!


Have you used your online media to promote your print product? If not, check this out from

We are always on alert to share a great idea with our readers.

As the media worlds of print and digital continue to meld, there are new opportunities out there to reach your audience and drive revenues. Sometimes publishers choose to view their online and print audiences as distinctly separate–and that could be a missed opportunity.

Great idea #1: Have you blogged on your magazine’s website about all the reasons why your readers should still love their print? [Read more…]

Niche Media News Flash: It’s All About Transformation!


What’s on your niche media horizon? Publishers are trying to stay ahead of what’s coming next in the shapeshifting media landscape.

According to Wikipedia, in the mythical world shapeshifting is a metamorphosis, the ability of an entity to physically transform into another form. In the real world, our media landscape is definitely shapeshifting–and fast!

Publishers are trying to stay ahead of all the changes and be proactive to what’s coming next. [Read more…]

Niched Out Magazine of the Month: Good Grit is the Spirit of the South

Each month we highlight a standout niche magazine. This month’s pick: Good Grit. This regional magazine not only captures the spirit of the South, it has embraced staff-driven innovation in a unique way.GGM_COVER

Alex Merrill, Good Grit‘s managing editor, had this to say about about this fantastic niche magazine:

At Good Grit, we are determined to show the world the true South- the innovative, creative, strong, always evolving, and rich culture that is rooted deep within the Southern soul and is reflected in every amazing stride that the South is taking into our future.

[Read more…]

Revenue & Retention: Creating a Company Culture that Rocks!


Publisher Gary Whitaker knows a bunch about creating a super-cool company culture that produces results.

Having a high-performing company culture with super-motivated employees who generate tons of innovation and revenue is every magazine publisher’s dream. So how do you create a culture that attracts dedicated, rock-star employees for the long-term?

We recently checked in with Gary Whitaker, President and Publisher of Whitaker Publishing and asked him how niche publishers can achieve the same success as the biggies with their small-to-medium publishing company. [Read more…]

How the SF Giants and Baseball Can Make You A Better Niche Publisher

Every other Friday the Niche Media HQ gods let me write about any random thing I want to write about.

Carl and Sophie at the game

Raving fans Grand Poobah Carl and daughter Sophie having fun at AT&T ballpark.

So today you are lucky I am NOT writing about my new clams and mussels with linguine recipe, which I am also very excited about.

I went to a San Francisco Giants game on Wednesday, as almost three years ago I swore I would pay attention to and adore this team as part of my wedding vows.

It has occurred to me that baseball could be like running a niche magazine. I know it sounds like I’ve been brainwashed by Carl B. Landau, but bear with me:

It’s about teamwork, accomplishing goals and ultimately being successful, right?

Here’s 7 things I learn at SF Giants’ baseball games that could apply to Niche Publishing:

  • Stop. Take a deep breath. Observe those around you, including your competition.
  • Be enthusiastic about your team—buy the hat, wear the t-shirt! (Being a raving fan is really fun, too.)
  • Continually evaluate, play by play, what you are about to do, what you can do, what you ended up doing and how you can do it better next time. (Or become a cool radio announcer like Kruk.)
  • Share a hot dog. Well, at least invite a prospect or colleague to lunch once in a while.
  • Make sure you have a Pablo and a Pence on your ad sales team.  That’s all I’m sayin’.
  • Don’t skip spring training! Dedicate time every year to building your team’s skills.
  • Celebrate the home runs. [Read more…]