How to Prioritize Multi-Platform Marketing Strategies


These 5 guidelines will help you with your multi-platform marketing strategy.

We asked our conference attendees to give us their suggestions for content that they want to read, hear and learn more about.

We listened. Many attendees wanted to know more about how to efficiently and effectively market their product. So how do you best prioritize your multi-platform marketing strategies?

With so many media possibilities and distribution channels available, choosing the right ones can be overwhelming. Your website, blog, email campaigns, social media, video, live events, print, direct mail (and more) all need attention. Plus all digital marketing efforts must be able to viewed on multiple devices.

One of the great advantages of being niche, however, is that niche publishers possess much more flexibility in budget and programming than mega-media companies. Being able to adjust to the results and ROI quickly is key. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when developing a multi-platform marketing plan for your niche magazine: [Read more…]

Niche Magazines As Influencers: Study on Shoppers’ Buying Habits


What’s the perfect gift for everyone this holiday season?
A niche magazine, of course!

As you hurriedly finish up the frantic, last-minute bonanza that is all that holiday shopping, here’s an interesting FYI about what influences shoppers.

Niche publisher Peggy Malecki of Natural Awakenings in Chicago recently shared with us an interesting study and handy infographic on buyers’ shopping habits shared from Shopzilla.  6,900 shoppers were polled about their buying habits and what influences them to purchase.

The GREAT news is 28% of all shoppers are influenced by—you guessed it—magazines.

Here are some interesting study stats:

* Social shopping really only exists with Gen Y: Far more influenced by their friends (and inclined to shop with them), than other generations.

* Men loved to shop with their wives: Women, not so much. (34% vs. 14%)

* Those with the HHI of 150K+ are most influenced by magazines (36% vs. 28% of general n); Gen Y population most influenced by Blogs (12% vs. 5% of general population).

* When it comes to shopping, social primarily influences Women and Gen Y, though falls far behind other sources. (Pinterest & Facebook peak at about 20% with Gen Y.)

* Men much more likely to look for pre-purchase approval (29% vs. 19% of women).

* Baby Boomers most likely to cite children as a favored shopping companion; Gen Y most likely to cite “mother.” Survey says: Nobody likes to shop with their mother-in-law.

Link to study & infographic here:

Of course, studies can lead to broad conclusions. Especially since we actually like our mother-in-law and think shopping with her is super-fun.

Editor’s note: There will be no post on Dec.25th-26th.


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