StepMom Magazine – Create Community for Your Readers!

StepMom CoverEvery month we highlight a great niche magazine. This month’s pick:StepMom Magazine. Publisher Brenda Ockun has created a community of stepmoms and a magazine created by stepparents – from authors to cover models!

StepMom Magazine is an online, monthly publication that speaks to any woman living with, engaged, or married to someone who has children from a prior relationship.  Although it is estimated that over 15 million women in the United States meet this criteria, stepmoms were a virtually ignored group until the magazine’s launch in 2009.

Brenda Ockun, a stepmom and corporate marketing executive, started the niche publication out of frustration when her own search for advice and information on stepfamily dynamics fell short. Realizing that the divorce rate for second marriages significantly exceeds that of first marriages, Ockun envisioned the publication would become a way for stepfamilies to educate themselves on universal challenges in an effort to build strong families who could beat the statistics.

The magazine covers a wide range of topics on everything from parenting to interpersonal dynamics to problems with ex-spouses and societal stigmas. It is written by a team of experts including licensed therapists, certified stepfamily professionals, lawyers, freelancers and published authors. All of the magazine’s writers are also members of stepfamilies. [Read more…]