Niche-worthy News: Metrics, Niche “Desks” and Video to the Max!


Metrics matter yet some CMO’s still aren’t sure about the ROI.

There’s no debating it, we have plenty of great niche-worthy news and information for you this week:

Metrics matter
Sue Todd, CEO of Magnetic, said: “It’s clear that across environments, magazine media delivers against the metrics that truly matter to brands. It’s pleasing to see that online magazine media is 41% more effective at delivering brand KPIs than other online environments. [Read more…]

Niche Media News: New Platforms, Markets and Strategies for Success!


Niche publishers are finding success in new platforms, new markets and new strategies!

Twistin’ and turnin’ and bustin’ a move, niche publishers are in the groove! They’re trying on new platforms, tapping into new markets and adding new twists for success. Here’s the top of the news in niche media:

We couldn’t have said it better
The (Digiday) mantra appears to be that trends in publishing are neutral. They stress they are “optimistic realists who believe the shift to platforms is neither good nor bad, simply a new reality that will test publishers.” From FIPP (Magazine Media Assoc.) Why Digiday is launching a print magazine [Read more…]