How Do You Create the Company Culture of Your Dreams? A Chat with Bryan Welch


CEO Bryan Welch shares his insights on creating a successful company culture.

Building a company culture is the most satisfying, frustrating, complex, fascinating, and rewarding part of developing a successful niche business. The culture you establish is your single greatest tool to foster real growth.

We caught up with Niche CEO Summit “Fab 4” speaker Bryan Welch to get solid insight into the nuts and bolts of creating company culture. Bryan is CEO of B The Change Media, a startup  in partnership with the B Corporations, and formerly Publisher and editorial director for Ogden Publications (Mother Earth News, Utne Reader, Grit and many others) for 19 years. We asked him about the process of building Ogden as a conscientious, audience-centered, innovative company–while it expanded from two titles with a total audience of 300,000 readers to eight titles with eight million readers! [Read more…]