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Start your sales calls to clients with a smile!

It’s the dog-eat-dog days of the media ad sales summer and we’re gonna give you a little fun today. Seriously. Still work-related, of course, but we all know that sometimes we need a break. Plus if we gave you deep-thinking, quality content every single day your head would explode.

So check these out if you want to laugh a little and start off your sales day with a smile: [Read more…]

Louisiana Publishing Lures Anglers & Hunters Alike

Print is not dead for Louisiana Publishing, the largest fishing and hunting publisher in the southeastern United States, with its flagship brand’s recent issue reaching 332 pages. The publisher offers timely news and features in 4 monthly print, digital magazines and websites:  Lcurrent_cover_smallouisiana Sportsman, Mississippi Sportsman, North Carolina Sportsman and South Carolina Sportsman. The company also hosts the largest hunting and fishing show in Louisiana, “The Louisiana Sportsman Show and Festival” which has seen double digit growth in the last five years, and publishes Boats, Bikes and RV’s (, an online meeting place for buyers and sellers.  In late 2014, the company launched its newest division, SPORTSMAN apparel.

How does Louisiana Publishing manage its business efficiently?  [Read more…]

Niche in the News: Print, Web & Digital Success!


Niche publishing is in the news all over the place. Check it out!

We polled our niche publishers to find out what they want to read about. How best to walk the native advertising tightrope, info on new launches, recent media stats and adding new revenue streams top the list.

Every niche magazine wants to get it right.
“According to an eMarketer report, spending on native is expected to reach $8.8 billion by 2018, up from $4.3 billion this year.” From Ad Age: Is Native Advertising About to go the Way of Pop-up Ads? [Read more…]

Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Reaching Millennials?


Before this Millennial “likes” you and your product, she’s going to research you on Facebook and read tons of reviews too.

According to, ” Millennial is a term used to refer to the generation born from 1980 onward, brought up using digital technology and mass media; the children of Baby Boomers; also called Generation Y.”    

That’s a pretty vague definition for a whole bunch of people who are avid online consumers. So how do niche publishers (and their advertisers) best market to Millennials?

Most everyone is still trying to figure out who they exactly are and how they best respond to digital advertising. Guess what? Not even Millennials know exactly who they are, according to the national behavioral study fielded by Mossylvania, a digital marketing firm.

We were first intrigued by the study itself. (Oh, if only most presentations in business looked like this one!) Millennials aren’t boring and neither are the slides. The graphics and stats are actually fun to read, informative and crack some myths about this group, the 2nd largest purchasers of any generation online.

Some things you will learn about how to effectively market online to Millennial: [Read more…]

Golden Opportunities Abound for Mining Media International with The Magazine Manager

Mining Media International (MMI) got its start in 2003, and through acquisition and growth, has evolved into the leading publisher serving the global mining and construction materials industries with industry-leading print, digital and event brands.  MMI relies heavily on the quality of its people and its technology to connect those staff members around the world to manage 65 different products.

Engineering and Mining Journal August 2014Implementing The Magazine Manager® proved to be worth its weight in gold, especially with customer data siloed in a variety of independent databases as a result of its acquisitions over the years.  According to John Bold, President:  “Before implementing the Magazine Manager in 2012 we were hard-pressed to pull timely reports of the business we had on the books.  Magazine Manager has given us the ability to create a centralized customer database that fully integrates our contact management needs with the ad order entry, production and billing systems [Read more…]

Niched Out Magazine of the Month: Divorce Magazine!

Each month we highlight a great niche magazine as our Niche Magazine of the Month. These magazines know their niches and do an incredible job meeting their needs. This month’s pick: Divorce.DivorceMag

This isn’t just a magazine about the legal nuts and bolts of getting a divorce – it covers everything from helping your kids and handling your relationship with your ex to mental health and figuring out your taxes. Divorce covers both U.S. and Canadian markets with issues for every state and province, plus it offers a blog, e-newsletters, telesiminars/podcasts, forums, a professional/resource directory, and even has a dash of celebrity divorce gossip. That’s a lot of ground for one publisher to cover!

Long-time publisher and Divorce Marketing Group’s CEO Dan Couvrette told us in his own words how he came to publish a magazine in this unique niche and build it into a media empire:

‘”You want a WHAT?’ Those were the words I said to my then wife when she told me she wanted a divorce on Sunday, June 19th 1994. This also happened to be Fathers Day—needless to say the day got off to a bad start.”

“So given that I was a publishing guy – I’d published Ottawa Magazine, Ottawa Business Life Magazine, and Wedding Bells Magazine, (I’m sure the irony won’t escape any of you) – I thought ‘Hey, I should start a newsletter or magazine to help divorcing people.'” [Read more…]

In the News: The Bright Future of Niche Magazines

The power of niche magazines is making big news. As readers are increasingly turning to the Internet for general news and information, niche magazines continue to retain and attract loyal followings. Subscribers may be cancelling their general magazine subscriptions, but they are as a passionate as ever about their niche magazines! Niche magazines are also being particularly responsive and innovative in expanding online and to mobile.ID-10088312

Even when some circulation numbers are decreasing, niche magazines are finding ways to increase revenues–by giving voice to user-generated content, mining the rich gold of reader data, creating profitable new niche events and more.

Here’s a great article in the New York Times this week about the trending success of niche magazines:

(Media expert, author of Brandscaping, and frequent niche conference speaker, Andrew Davis was quoted in the NYT too.) [Read more…]

Niched Out Magazine of the Month: Vintage Camper Trailers News

Each month we highlight a fantastic magazine that really knows its niche. This month’s pick: Vintage Camper Trailers News! Issue 6 cover

Paul and Caroline Lacitinola had no idea that the purchase of a 1962 DeVille trailer seven years ago would lead them to publishing the Vintage Camper Trailers News. When they bought their first trailer they were simply looking for a hobby they could enjoy with their children. As classic car enthusiasts it didn’t take long to realize that the old trailer also received tons of attention and positive comments.

Paul thought the vintage trailers were an obvious addition to the classic car scene and started submitting articles about vintage camper trailers to the “The Cruzin News”. He has not missed an issue deadline in six years.

It didn’t take long for other trailer collectors to contact Paul after reading the articles. Many of these hobbyists had been collecting for several years and they welcomed the Lacitinolas into their loosely organized group. [Read more…]

Give Yourself a Timeout to Get Back in Your Creative Niche Magazine Flow


You work hard all week. Don’t forget to take some time just for you!

Sometimes on Fridays the office gods let this lowly blogger ramble. This is one of those days, you lucky dogs.

I was going to write about ROI and ad sales tips and analytics and publishing management strategies. For those of you who have to be all business, all the time, here you go:


For the rest of us, it’s my personal favorite day of the week – Friday. That day of the week that means winding down work, open to the full possibilities of how to choose to spend the weekend.

And all I really want to write about this fine Friday is the fact that the Grand Poobah just wrapped up the Niche Digital Conference in Nashville. He’s going to put his SF Giants cap back on soon and then we hit the road.

Not for very long, of course, but a well-deserved, self-induced timeout nonetheless. Even though we love what we do, we all have to take time to drop out, tune out, flat out ignore cell phones and social media. Time to cut loose or be still or better yet both. (All the mobile device addicts started twitching just now. You know who you are.) [Read more…]

9 Niche-y Ways to Get Out of That Mid-Summer Magazine Funk

The days are longer—and it seems like they get longer every dragging minute. And it’s hot, hot, hot.


Here are 9 niche-y ways to get out of that mid-summer funk!

For many of us, mid-summer hits and then we are suddenly in a complete state of inertia with absolutely no focus beyond whether our baseball team is winning (or uh, losing) and what topping we want on our ice cream cone and…. is this work day over yet?? 

Here’s 9 niche-y ways to lift yourself out of a mid-summer funk:

1. Connect the Dots: Find some new ways to reach your fans/customers/advertisers and connect them. To do that, take a few minutes and read Scratch That Niche from Marketing Profs. You’ll start feeling creative quickly.

2. Niche Out Your Niche and Drill Down: Brainstorm with your team some ways to niche your niche even further. (We know, it’s one of our constant mantras, right behind Carl Landau’s all-time favorite: How DOES this idea translate into ROI?!) [Read more…]