Niche Publishing: Create Custom Projects for Additional Revenue Streams


Publisher Fred Parry shares his insights on successful custom publishing.

by Fred Parry, Publisher of Inside Columbia 

Publishing a magazine, annual report or catalog for an outside organization allows you to lend the resources of your talented staff to companies that likely could never afford the level of expertise you provide. The good news is that most publishers can achieve a 35 to 40 percent margin on custom publishing projects while offering customers a significant savings from what they’d pay handling it in-house or jobbing it out to an advertising agency or design firm.

Making It Work For You [Read more…]

2016 Nichee Award Winners Announced!

Nichee_Logo_ColorWe’re excited to announce the 2016 Nichee Award winners!

NICHEE Winners 2016

These twelve magazines demonstrate excellence in the niche media space and have really dialed in on their niche market. Congratulations to all our winners and a big thank you to Trend Offset Printing for sponsoring the Nichee Award bash in Austin, TX! The 2016 winners are: [Read more…]

Top 12 Tips for Launching a Niche Media Brand


Publishing expert Tim Hermes shares his top 12 tips for launching a niche media brand.

How do you launch a brand as a niche publisher? Guts, risk, timing, funding, content – even geography – play a role. The chances of launching a successful new niche publication of course depends on these things and more. Moreover, the famous “four P’s” of marketing play a role, too. If I was to add a few more “P’s” – plan, preparation, proposition of value, public relations – you’d have an even higher success rate.

As a niche publisher in both the corporate and entrepreneurial world, I have found the following things play the highest percentages in a successful launch. Here’s my “Top 12.” [Read more…]

Niche Magazine Publishers — What Business Are You In?

I just watched a terrific documentary called, All Things Must Pass! It was about the rise and fall of Tower Records. This was near and dear to me since Tower started in our Niche HQ hometown of Sacramento. Tower Records had been in business since the early 1960s and ultimately went out of business around 2000 because of new technology. No one wanted to buy a $18 CD to listen to just one or two songs on the album. They were in the record retail business when they should ultimately have been in the consumer music entertainment business regardless of the vehicle used to listen.

This is Marketing Myopia. Trains thought they were in the train business when they should have been in the transportation business.

Now I ask you, my magazine publishing friend — what business are you in? I’m hoping you don’t say the magazine business! Today you need to be in the media business, offering content on all platforms your readers and advertisers want to use.

This is a long-winded set up about Niche celebrating our 10th annual Niche Media Conference this April. Things have changed a lot in the past 10 years, and so have we…NicheMedia-logo-2016-10Anniv

Are you ready to embrace change? 2016 is THE year to stop being in the magazine business and transform your publishing operation into a true media brand. There are so many new opportunities for “target audience” publishers to integrate revenue from print and online properties. The only way to move forward is to get out of your office to learn and network with your fellow publishers and niche media expert speakers!

The Niche Media Conference was created exclusively for “publisher types” – Publishers, CEOs, Presidents, Publishing Directors, Advertising & Marketing Directors, and Audience Development Directors. Topics are strictly about the business side of magazine publishing with a practical, small-to-medium-budget approach. Plus, we have our famous Camp Niche ad sales track to turn your sales team into super heroes!

BONUS: Networking, Fun and Serious Learning – That’s How Niche Rolls at the Niche Media Conference! Come celebrate 10 Years of Niche Fun with us!

Here’s what’s new at the 2016 conference:

  • All New NicheTek: New technologies can transform your business and supercharge your revenues! NicheTek is your one-stop mini-event 100% focused on technology just for publishers! NicheTek will bring together some of the nation’s best tech providers (and the publishers who use their tools) to share insights, tips, case studies, revenue ideas and more. You’ll walk away with new tools and strategies that you can implement immediately!
  • 360° Niche Keynotes – 4 all-star, amazing niche media visionaries!

Don Peschke, Leveraging Your Niche Content: Produce Once, Sell 10 times

Joe Pulizzi, Undiscovered Revenue Opportunities for Your Niche Media Brand

Dan Oswald, Innovation… The (Not So) Secret Sauce for Success

Krystle Kopacz, The Full Monty: Selling the Complete Media Experience

  • Get Ready for Niche Big Fun! Since the 2016 conference is our 10th Anniversary, we are planning some great networking events for you! We are going old-school Austin at the iconic Scholz Garten, a super-cool beer garden with hot Texas-style BBQ. You’ll hear one of Austin’s best bands!
  • Hot Topic Roundtable Discussions: You will discover new, revenue-generating ideas that are working right now in a peer-to peer setting. The roundtables are on the subjects you’re most interested in – 2016 topics: Paid Sponsor Content, Video, B2B Lead Gen, Pricing Models, Sales Compensation, Content Marketing, Events, Subscription Strategy, Custom Publishing, and much more!!!

The Niche Difference: Our world-famous Welcome Reception, fabulous Nichee Award Party, Orientation Networking Party, NicheTek Pizza & Beer Mixer, Super-fun Austin, and much, much more! This event is small and interactive — we limit it to the first 250 attendees.

All 100% practical sessions are devoted to helping you build your publishing business and generate new revenue in your niche market. Bring your Entire Revenue-Generating Team!
> 2 Complete Publisher Tracks
> 1 Camp Niche Ad Sales Training Track — Print, Online, Integrated Sales

PLUS the newly renovated Sheraton Austin at the Capitol is awesome. It’s in downtown Austin and walking distance to tons of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

Register by this Tuesday, February 16th to get the HUGE discount!


Carl_New_Headshot-e1358554036283About the blogger: Carl Landau is Grand Poobah of Niche Media. He is a media/event guru, SF Giants fan and part-time blogger. His 15 minutes of fame took place in the mid-eighties when he launched his famous, “Buy an Ad, Get a Cat” ad campaign. He has long since patched things up with the SPCA.


Niche Media has created super niched-out events specifically for magazine publishers for over 12 years. We’ve helped pave the way for the era of boutique events that connect specific audiences and provide great educational, friendly and super-fun environments! Plus, Carl Landau – Niche Media’s Grand Poobah – just a niche event all about creating and marketing targeted events –  Check it out!

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Expand Your Niche Media Brand! An interview with Joe Pulizzi


CMI’s Joe Pulizzi talks about new ways niche magazines can leverage their content and expand their brand.

Are you uncertain about finding new growth opportunities for the next two months to two years? And if you do decide where to invest your valuable time and budget, is it certain you will get the ROI you need? We asked Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute (named the fastest growing business media company in North America by Inc. magazine), to talk about ways to drive new revenue growth and expand your niche media brand. [Read more…]

Niche Media: Looking forward to 2016!


The new year brings new ideas and revenue-generating strategies. It’s the perfect time to experiment!

We’ve had an amazing year. I hope you had a great one too! The quiet time around the holidays is a perfect opportunity to reflect on all the awesome stuff you did this year and plan something new for next year. It’s about getting your publishing house in order so you have the time to experiment.

At Niche Media HQ this year we started a new podcast, Events: What Wakes You Up at 3:00 am?, created our first ad sales infographic (stay tuned for more), changed up our Niche Media Conference format with more roundtables, and fine-tuned our second Niche EventFest! We also moved the Niche CEO Summit west, coming soon in February in San Diego. Whew! And we’re only getting started. [Read more…]

Niche Publishing & the Small Staff: 7 Tips For Success!


Working with a small staff isn’t always a cake walk. Here are 7 tips to help manage your tiny team.

Anyone who has ever participated on a sports team or a group school project can relate: Some on the team have a different version of what the timeline and objectives are supposed to be, one or two people do all the work, there’s always one flake……

And it’s also very human to get really frustrated with your co-workers once in awhile.

Niche publishers often operate with a small team of employees. These are people with different personalities/goals/working styles, all in one little group, dependent upon each other. Plus they have to work as a fine-tuned machine to get your magazine out on deadline! [Read more…]

5 Big Fat Excuses for NOT Creating Fresh Content!


Creating fresh, valuable content for your readers doesn’t have to be one big headache. Here’s what NOT to do.

You hear it in discussion groups all the time: We can’t, we don’t, it’s too hard, there’s not enough…….

Those are just big, fat, whiny excuses! And that thinking creates a barrier to your success. Sharing quality content with your audience is like having a thoughtful, memorable conversation. Every niche publisher wants an engaged, growing readership, right?

Eliminate these 5  misguided mindsets from your business:

1.  It’s not the priority, we’re too busy! No excuses, folks, everyone has tons of work to do. Creating quality content must be embraced and driven by management. The whole team needs to be on board for it to work—and work well.
[Read more…]

Savvy Selling Tips from the Magazine Ad Sales Experts

In ad sales, you are always looking for something to keep you inspired and focused. Here are 3 great bits of timeless advice from our niche publishing experts to kick-off your magazine ad-selling week:

picture-454Audience-centric selling
Publisher Geoff Hird on finding your audience-centric mojo:
“Our experience is that advertisers are always keen to meet, or make time on the phone, if you have something ‘of value’ to share with them – and audience demographic data that fits their potential customer profile is a door opener like no other.  [Read more…]

Launching into New Markets: Six Steps for Shaping Your Destiny!


To new markets and beyond! CEO Mark Hintz talks about launching a new product.

Editor’s note: Last week we shared some of CEO Mark Hintz’s Niche Media Conference presentation on how to deal with difficult disruptive change in your niche market. He showed us how to clean house to eliminate failing products, leaving you with only profitable flagship brands!  

Here is what Mark had to say on how to use change to launch new products and make your media company more profitable:

So you’ve cleaned house and you are ready to launch a new product. What’s next? Here are 6 key areas you should focus on in the determination phase for new media properties:

  1. Why should this magazine exist, and will people pay for it? Is the market under served? Is there room for another title?
  2. Can we provide an adequate product to satisfy the market? Look at these 3 areas: Do we have the editorial and design staff? Do we have the know-how? Do we have enough money to produce the product we need to?
  3. Are there enough viable advertisers to pay the print bill?
  4. Can we get enough circulation to make the advertisers happy?
  5. If everything looks good, do a newsstand test. Tell the world it’s a launch, not a test.
  6. Read the results, and budget based on those results.

Okay, you are not Warren Buffet, but you have gone through the above 6 steps and you have determined you are ready to launch your new magazine. How do you set your launch up for success? [Read more…]