Financials: 4 Places to Evaluate and Improve Your Magazine’s ROI

Jim Zielinski, niche magazine financial guru, has been sharing with us how to gauge your magazine’s profitability. He’s covered where to start,  and understanding where you are now.

Improve ROI by looking at these 4 key areas

Improve ROI by looking at these 4 key areas

Now that you’ve made a financial profile of your magazine and figured our where to cut costs, it’s time to gauge your ROI. At our recent Niche Magazine Conference, we learned  from Jim 4 key areas to focus on for increased ROI.

Here are Jim’s 4 key areas to investigate and evaluate to improve ROI for YOUR niche magazine: [Read more…]

Creating a Checklist for Valuable Content Marketing

It’s no secret that content marketing plays a large role in advertising sales and audience development. However, we know that sometimes creating valuable content marketing can become stressful and organized. It is often best to create a checklist that will aid you in generating valuable content marketing. It’s okay if you are a bit unsure of where to begin on your content marketing checklist, we have a few pointers to get you started:

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Check out a few items to have on a checklist for creating valuable content.

  • Findable: Can the audience find your content? In order to create valuable and successful content, ensure that the audience is able to find it. In order to make sure your digital content is being found, include elements such as tags, keywords and links to create the most valuable content.
  • Understandable: Is the content able to be understood by the audience? After your audience finds your content, it is crucial they are able to understand it. Be sure that the content has the same tone throughout as well as context that will aid the audience.
  • Actionable: Does the content urge the audience to take action? Aside from being findable and understandable, the element of action plays an important role in content marketing. Create valuable content by calling the audience to action. Include various elements such as invitations to share the content, a direct summary of what to do and a place to comment to urge your audience to take action.
Valuable content marketing is crucial when generating revenue and advertisement sales. Create the best content by drawing up a checklist before to ensure you are putting the best content out there that you can.

Adding QR Codes to Content Marketing

QR codes are quite the interesting element. Standing for quick response codes, QR codes have the ability to connect internet users with online content through a smartphone and offline materials. QR codes compact a lot of information into a small square that can be photographed by a smartphone and then led to online content. Using QR codes to content marketing is a wonderful way to interact with audiences as well as generate revenue. Take a peek at a few reasons why adding QR codes to content marketing is so beneficial:

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Adding QR codes to content marketing is a great way to generate audience interaction!

  • Interact with users: QR codes are a great way to engage with existing audiences as well as generate new ones. Adding a QR code to a part of your content also allows you to put more information into a smaller, more compact space.
  • Connecting is easier: When you use QR codes, you are saving your audience from having to not only remember a lengthy URL but type it into a browser as well. Add a QR code to a page in your magazine and make it easy for readers to connect by only having to snap a picture of it.
  • Call audiences to action: Adding QR codes to content also allows you to create a call-to-action for audiences. Whether online or offline, QR codes are great for asking something from your audience.
Using QR codes in magazines means you are allowing audiences to connect instantly without having to log onto the internet and enter a long, difficult URL address. Magazines are also using QR codes in both advertising and editorial content. In advertisements, QR codes can be used to call audiences to action where as in editorial content, QR codes are being used to connect with audiences on a faster, more convenient basis.

The 6th Annual Nichee Awards 2012

It’s that time of the year and we can’t wait! The 6th annual Nichee Awards are almost upon us and we can hardly contain our excitement! The Nichee Awards party will take place at the Niche Magazine Conference, which is February 27th through the 28th. If you plan on attending the Niche Magazine Conference, you are able to attend the amazing Nichee Awards as well. Listen up because we have all the details for the Nichee Awards right here, all you have to do is send in your entry form!

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You could be a Nichee winner!

The idea behind the Nichee Awards is to add to the already bright and upbeat atmosphere at the Niche Magazine Conference. In addition to being a fun and exciting event, the Nichee Awards also recognizes the best niche publishers and their amazing creative abilities. The two categories being featured at the Nichee Awards are: Best B2B Niche Magazine and Best Consumer Niche Magazine. The Nichee Awards will also take the size of your market into account as well.

If you think you will be attending a boring and stuffy awards ceremony, think again! The Nichee Awards boasts a fun and upbeat vibe. Sponsored by Quad/Graphics, the Nichee Awards are only open to those who attend the Niche Magazine Conference. With such great odds, why wouldn’t you want to enter?

In order to be considered, you must submit separate entry forms for each category you decide to enter. Only one magazine per entry is allowed and it must be published between February 2011 to January 2012.  The due date for entry forms is January 20, 2012, so be sure to get yours in early! The winners will be announced at the Nichee Award Party in Nashville on February 28th.

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