Niche-Worthy News!


Niche-worthy news for digital publishers!

Digital content continues to increase it’s ability to grab ad revenue and eyeballs in niche publishing. Yet there’s still plenty of debate about how to best measure ROI. Most successful publishers we know are trying to find the right balance of both print and digital in their product portfolio so they can best meet the needs of their niche audience.

The good news is there is lots of good news. Here’s the latest in niche digital media: [Read more…]

Niche Publishing: Live Long and Prosper!


Here’s the latest in niche publishing news.

Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy made famous the Vulcan salute hand gesture along with “Live long and prosper.”  What better philosophy to embrace for niche publishing? (At least the Trekkies will agree with us.) Here’s the latest in niche news:

The sky’s the limit
A media company with 79 separate Facebook pages? Great post about going vertical in your social media channels and a way to niche your niche. From Tech.Co: 3 Ways Niche Verticals Get a Bigger Social Media Impact

The real value of print
Publishing CEOs and pros expound on the prowess of print. Content Magazine: 10 Killer Reasons Why You Should Be Using Print [Read more…]

Niche in the News: March 2016


Da buzz in the niche media universe. New rules from IAB, industry shifts, success stories and more!

Here’s the latest news on what’s happening in the niche media publishing universe. It’ll only take a few minutes to seem very smart and up-to-date to your peers, maybe even your dog. Your cat will never be impressed, sorry.

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Take that! New rules
Organization punches out 6 new tactics. From Advertising Age: IAB creates policy for publishers to combat ad blocking [Read more…]

Niche in the News: Think Big!


Big interest, big debate, big opportunities in the wonderful, wide world of Niche!

Where is this year going?? What are people in the industry talking about?? When will I have time to scan the news?

We’re here to help. Here are 3 hot niche topics in the news for June:

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Niche In the News! Rules, Tools and Premium Print


Cover ads, culture, and kudos: Niche is in the news!

Everything niche is the big buzz in the news these days, and we know why! Niche media publishers are way ahead of the game because they’ve already captured (and continue to increase) a niche audience! The big general interest mags are still trying to figure it out, aren’t they?

RULES:  NYT piece on rule changes—ads on magazine covers, editors managing native advertising process, etc. New guidelines allow magazine cover ads for award seekers [Read more…]