The ROI Roller Coaster: Or Why You Should Attend the 2016 Niche CEO Summit

I’m talking to you,

Publishing is moving at warp speed.  As CEO of a niche media company, how do you anticipate – and profit from – the seismic changes occurring in the niche magazine & media market?

The Niche CEO Summit is changing the way media leaders think about and plan for the growth of their businesses. We believe in the power of niche media and the power of conversation and connection to help you drive growth.

To that end, we’ve created an exclusive event for just 50 Niche CEOs. We’ve brought together top niche media experts to lead the conversation in a relaxed (yet focused) atmosphere so you can learn from the experts and your peers (plus share your own ideas) on the best ways to run your media business. It all takes place at the hip Hutton Hotel in Nashville, TN on November 14­-15, 2016. [Read more…]

Way, Way Beyond Ads: How Publishers Can Boost Audience and Revenues!

Niche publishers give their devoted readers the content they need, which in turn builds a strong audience and increases the opportunities for ad revenue. We consulted Krystle Kopacz, COO of the National Journal Group of Atlantic Media (and an upcoming speaker at the Niche CEO Summit) about her insights into finding the balance between creating and selling strategic advertiser programs all while building deep loyalty from niche audiences through super-creative editorial products. [Read more…]