Bird Watcher’s Digest – From Living Room to Worldwide Reach in 35 Years (Niched Out Magazine of the Month)

Each month we highlight a great niche magazine. This month’s Niched Out Magazine of the Month is Bird Watcher’s Digest. Bird Watchers Digest coverThis birder’s bible is a true family business – Bird Watcher’s Digest was started in the living room of the Thompson family in Marietta, Ohio in 1978. Their initial direct mail effort netted a 30% response!

Today the magazine and its many birdy tentacles deliver content to bird lovers all over the world in a tremendous variety of ways. Its menagerie of bird-based products could fill an aviary: the flagship print magazine (conveniently pocket-sized for taking into the field), newsletters, books, booklets, digital editions, an app, websites, e-newsletters, e-blasts, podcasts and blogs, custom content, and special birding events. Talk about reaching readers, and finding new ones, through every medium they can! (Niche publishers, take note! Using multiple media channels – and having specialized, branded content for each channel – is the future of magazines.) [Read more…]