2016 Nichee Award Winners Announced!

Nichee_Logo_ColorWe’re excited to announce the 2016 Nichee Award winners!

NICHEE Winners 2016

These twelve magazines demonstrate excellence in the niche media space and have really dialed in on their niche market. Congratulations to all our winners and a big thank you to Trend Offset Printing for sponsoring the Nichee Award bash in Austin, TX! The 2016 winners are: [Read more…]

Could Your Magazine be the Niche Magazine of the Year?

Don’t miss your chance to enter the Nichee Awards

You could win Magazine of the Year at this year’s Nichee Magazine Awards! For eight years, the Nichee Awards have recognized the best of the best niche magazines. Entry deadline is Wednesday, January 29th! Enter here!

This super fun contest recognizes the creative talents of the very best niche publishers. The main categories are Best B2B Niche Magazine (3+ awards by subcategory) and Best Consumer Niche Magazine (3+ awards by subcategory).

Judges took into account the size of each magazine’s market and the needs of the specific niche it serves to create a level playing field. These magazines all do what they do well, find innovative ways of serving readers, and find creative ways to generate revenue.

Winners will be announced February 26th at Nichee Award Party on the final night of the Niche Media Conference. Many thanks to Trend Offset Printing for sponsoring the Nichee Awards bash!

It is only $75 for conference attendees to enter and $125 for non-attendees to enter. Don’t miss your chance to be recognized for your great niche magazine!

You can read more about last year’s amazing Nichee Award winners here.

[Read more…]

2013 Nichee Magazine Award Winners Announced!

We love niche magazines and their publishers so much that seven years ago we made an award just for them: The Nichee Award!

Nichee Awards capture the spirit of niche magazines and recognize the creative talents of the very best niche publishers. Judges take into account the size of each magazine’s market and the needs of the specific niche it serves to create a level playing field. These magazines all do what they do well, find innovative ways of serving readers, and find creative ways to generate revenue.

We had an outstanding group of magazines this year and gave a record seven awards this year!  Here are this year’s winners and what makes them great:

Nichee Award winners

2013 Nichee Magazine Award Winners!

Business-to-Business Category

We had a tie between Process and Multi-Unit Franchisee for Best Niche B2B Magazine.

Process is beautifully designed and printed, but it is more than just a pretty face –  it combines innovative design with solid content for its readers.

Process magazine

Process Magazine

Multi-Unit Franchisee does a great job of talking to the day-to-day needs of its audience. It delivers solid business information, profiles, and case studies with concrete, real-world examples.

Multi-Unit Franchisee

Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine

Business-to-Consumer Category

We recognized three Consumer magazines – each with a different focus.

Best Niche Consumer Lifestyle Magazine: VegNews. Our judges’ comment after reviewing this vegan lifestyle magazine: “they do everything right.”


VegNews Magazine

Best Niche Consumer City/Regional Magazine: CHARLIE: Celebrating Progressive Culture in Charleston. This magazine has a great interplay between digital and print. It started as an online-only magazine and then made the jump to print with art-house quality, long shelf life special issues without duplicating content. Both the print and digital versions are solid resources for anyone living in Charleston, SC.

CHARLIE - ReadCharlie.com

CHARLIE magazine

Best Niche Consumer Hobbyist Magazine: Bird Watcher’s Digest. This magazine combines great content, compelling photography, and a pocket-sized form factor that’s just right for its audience.

Bird Watcher's Digest

Bird Watcher’s Digest

Wildcard Categories

Sometimes we want to recognize a magazine for a particular outstanding feature. This year we had to give a shout out to both Marions-Nous and Lawn & Garden Tractor.

Best ROI Strategy: Marions-Nous – Let’s Get Married. From packaging to production values to sheer, overwhelming volume of ad pages, this regional wedding publication makes a statement to advertisers and readers.

Marions-Nous / Let's Get Married

Marions-Nous / Let’s Get Married

Extreme Niche: Lawn & Garden Tractor. Just when you think you’ve addressed the smallest audience possible, you find a finer slice. We encourage target interest publishers to “niche their niche”, and L&GT is a perfect example – Ertel Publishing also publishes Antique Power and Vintage Truck.

Lawn & Garden Tractor

Lawn & Garden Tractor magazine

The Nichee Awards party was held at Gordon Biersch in Tempe, AZ on February 13, 2013 – the final day of the Niche Magazine Conference. Many thanks to Quad Graphics for sponsoring the great awards party!

Niched Out Magazines: The 2012 Nichee Award Winners!

This year an absolutely outstanding group of niche magazines entered the Nichee Awards. Our winners are great examples of finding a niche market and serving it well.

Best Niche B2B Magazine went to Multi-Unit Franchisee, a magazine dedicated to delivering vital information and business solutions to multi-unit franchisees. This magazine is loaded with owner profiles, financial tips, management ideas, technology solutions, and more to give their readers tools and information they need to succeed.

Runner Up LP (LossPrevention) reaches ½ of the U.S. loss prevention community. They are digital integration superstars with an active website, digital magazine, webinars, a virtual tradeshow, weekly e-newsletter, and strong social media presence.

We had a tie for Best Niche Consumer Magazine.  The Iowa Sportsman, serving the hunting and fishing men and women of Iowa, wants readers to believe that their contributions to the magazine are just as important as the ownership’s. This niche mag is passionate about its audience, and it shows!  Momentum has brought the bicycle experience to a whole new market by covering urban transportation without heavy focus on the predominantly male demographic.

Runner Up TulsaPeople is celebrating its 26th year of capturing the spirit of living, working, and playing in Tulsa. It combines beautiful design and compelling journalism to showcase the people, places, and events that make life in Tulsa interesting and fun.

Best Design went to Process for breaking the rules of design in all the right ways to reach their market of communications, marketing, creative services, and print-buying organizations and individuals.


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