“Classifieds” are a MUST for Niche Magazines!


Peter Zollman tells us why digital classified advertising is a “must” for niche magazines.

You think Craigslist has all the classifieds? No one’s paying for anything any more? Think again. Classifieds are a multibillion-dollar business and niche publishers have the best opportunity to make their share.

Time to look at digital classified advertising in a new way! Margins can be as high as 70% and niche magazines already have a built in, engaged audience.

So are you providing a vibrant, digital marketplace for the people/equipment/services in your niche already? If not, are you in a niche with equipment, or products, materials, vendors, suppliers, or people looking for new jobs or services? Think about creating a marketplace for your audience.

Here are 6 tips for a dynamic digital marketplace: [Read more…]