How to Create a Video Strategy that Engages Readers

You may remember our “20 for 20” profiles last October, where we asked niche magazine publishers to share their one big idea that has contributed to the success of their magazine. We had over 500 responses that very first day and it was really hard to choose only 20 magazines to feature—especially with so many innovative ideas and publishing wisdom in our niche-y world.

Supply Chain BrainFast forward now to Kelly B. Keller, VP of Marketing for SupplyChainBrain. She has a BIG idea to share:

  • PUBLICATION: SupplyChainBrain, B2B, both print and digital, bi-monthly, qualified circulation only
  • TARGET: High level executives concerned with managing risk, aligning the supply chain with corporate planning, achieving competitive advantage, balancing customer demands with the need to control cost and improving the bottom line.

From a tiny seed, an empire has grown. About 5 years ago, SuppplyChainBrain began producing 10-minute video interviews with industry thought leaders. They started first at industry analysts’ offices, then expanded to video shoots at a couple of industry events. “Our video library now contains over 1,000 video interviews with industry professionals and thought leaders from all over the globe,” Kelly tells us.  “We also partner with 20+ events throughout the year to produce video interviews of speakers, delegates, and Event Directors at each conference.”  SupplyChainBrain then expanded their video offerings to include “Power Lunch” Roundtables videos and have developed a “Custom Shoot” package for clients that is produced either at their HQ or at their dedicated user conferences.

Now the magazine has taken their video strategy to the next level by including a TV Program that will play on the dark channels at event hotels during conferences.  The program is a customized montage of excerpts from select videos in our 2012 library.  It includes an intro from the Event Director, slides highlighting various “do not miss” activities, receptions, speaker presentations, etc. taking place during the conference. It also features commercials from advertisers/sponsors. Attendees are notified upon check-in to tune into the designated channel at their hotel. This approach creates additional advertising opportunities for exclusive sponsorship and for more customized forms of creative messaging.

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