Summer of Niche: Timing is Everything for Compelling Content!

Annual Contracts and Compensation Issue-PracticeLink Magazine

Timing is everything…especially with your themed issues. Make the most of it!

Of course your magazine has tons of great niche content, but does your audience engagement seem a little flat? Is your team pondering ways to reach your readership in more meaningful ways?

Many publications have themed issues, but here’s a niche magazine with a great idea: PracticeLink Magazine, a career advancement resource for new and job-seeking physicians, took all the myriad content ideas they had and focused them into four themes: Contracts and Compensation; Quality of Life; Job Search and Interview.  These four themes were right-timed as special issues to meet the needs of their readers’ job search.

Niche Media HQ: What inspired your magazine to create four themed issues? Why do you think it works?

We had a lot of great content, but the timing was happenstance. How could we make it easier for physicians to digest the information? How could we make it easier to sell? How could we make each issue one that advertisers didn’t want to miss?

For PracticeLink Magazine, the answer was themed issues. We organized our quarterly issues so that the content arrives right as physicians in training are about to undertake that step in their job search. This increased our relevance to readers, which in turn increased the desire of advertisers to participate. It also helped us organize our marketing efforts around those same themes.

Niche Media HQ: Can you share with us a few details about the results, such as readership increases, more advertising sold, increased revenue, etc?

Our first complete year of themed issues just resulted in being named the American Society of Healthcare Editors’ Publication of the Year! We’re a controlled circ publication, so our readership is constant—but we’ve seen our reader involvement increase. We hear more than ever from the physicians we reach and there is much more engagement. Enough feedback, actually, that we’ve started showcasing user testimonials in our magazine each quarter. 

So yes, maybe your magazine has themed issues throughout the year already. But take PracticeLink’s example and take a look at how those themed issues can be organized and timed to meet your readership’s needs. Are you putting the audience first vs your magazine’s priorities? Give it a try, we bet you will be happy with the results!

More about Laura & PracticeLink: Laura Jeanne Hammond is editor of the quarterly PracticeLink Magazine, which is read by 85,000 residents, fellows and practicing physicians each quarter. The magazine is the companion publication to, the most widely used online physician job bank.


Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler

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