Magazine Publishers, Are You Ready to Sell Your Baby?

Okay. You’re ready. You’ve successfully built your media empire, maximizing every revenue opportunity and turned your niche publication(s) into a highly profitable multi-platform media company. Now you’re ready for the next step: sale!

Proceed with caution: The road to a successful sale can be a little bumpy.   picture-421

So now what? Learn from the experts, of course! Bob Brady, Founder of Business & Legal Reports (BLR), and BLR CEO Dan Oswald, share their in-the-publishing-trenches expertise with us.

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Selling Your Media Company? Get Your Team On Board to Maximize Value!


Thinking about selling your media business? Here’s some sound advice from Media Financial Guru Michael Alcamo.

Considering a sale of your niche media business, but not sure how to get your highest and best price – while also keeping your team focused on growth?  We recently consulted Michael Alcamo, President of media investment firm M.C. Alcamo & Co., Inc. and a popular speaker at our Niche Media conferences.

Alcamo says he explores the ways that an owner can think 12-18 months ahead, and put the building blocks in place for a successful sale at a high valuation. “We often talk with owner in depth about the Six Keys so they can achieve the highest and best valuation.”

Here are Michael Alcamo’s 6 Keys to Your Best Valuation:

1) Employee talent

2) Operations

3) Financials

4) Products

5) All-important market perceptions

6) The components of valuation

In this post, we are going to address Key #1, Employee Talent:

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