Flip it Good: Digital Media Finds Added Revenue in Print!


Digital Media + Print Editions = More revenue opportunities!

Yes, that’s right. Despite the stubborn few who are convinced that all print mags are doomed, we find good news about magazines all the time–especially if they’re niche!

Publishers are creating new, innovative business models and doing it quite successfully. How? By looking at print editions as the next latest, greatest revenue opportunity in digital media.

Check it out:

Print is the new revenue stream
Successful publishing today is about serial entrepreneurship and product diversification. From Folio: Sandow Media CEO says print is the future, digital is tough [Read more…]

Old is new again: Print as a Branding Tool!


This niche reader is totally into her print magazine!

We’ve come full-circle, folks. With so much emphasis on digital, there is a growing nostalgia for…..print!

Everyone can now have multi-platform, multi-channel access through social media, blogging, web articles, downloadable white papers and more. But niche publishers have a decided advantage over general interest magazines because they have quality, super-niched-out content and a passionate audience that wants to read more.

In Joe Pulizzi’s thought-provoking 2012 blog post on the 7 reasons to rethink print he quotes a niche publisher who told him—“The web is where we go to get answers but print is where we go to ask questions.” [Read more…]

Master the “Experience” of the Print Magazine to Reap Reader Rewards


Is she randomly flipping pages or enjoying her reading experience? You be the judge.

Warning: This is not a post about augmented reality. It is about the power of paper and the print reader experience.

As the digital realm spreads into every facet of our lives, the world of print magazines evolves. We’re here to say that reading a print magazine is a very good, even niche-y thing. Why?

Because although more and more readers are viewing magazines on multi-screens, the print reading experience is decidedly, uniquely, wonderfully different. 

Reading print is definitely not the rapid-fire, scroll down, ping-pong viewing of digital. Plus, most print readers absorb more and will happily spend time viewing an ad when there is quality content right next to it.

So how do your readers “experience” your print magazine? [Read more…]