Financials: 4 Places to Evaluate and Improve Your Magazine’s ROI

Jim Zielinski, niche magazine financial guru, has been sharing with us how to gauge your magazine’s profitability. He’s covered where to start,  and understanding where you are now.

Improve ROI by looking at these 4 key areas

Improve ROI by looking at these 4 key areas

Now that you’ve made a financial profile of your magazine and figured our where to cut costs, it’s time to gauge your ROI. At our recent Niche Magazine Conference, we learned  from Jim 4 key areas to focus on for increased ROI.

Here are Jim’s 4 key areas to investigate and evaluate to improve ROI for YOUR niche magazine: [Read more…]

Beyond Print: Publication Printers’ Technology Empowers Albuquerque the Magazine

Larryl Lynch, the publisher of Albuquerque the Magazine, received something much more than finished magazines from his printer; he found a way to  empower his staff while saving time and money.

The regional magazine has been using Publication Printers to print and mail their magazine for over eight years. As part of their service, Publication Printers regularly reviews a client’s process and workflow for opportunities to help suggest improvements. During one of these reviews, Lynch’s account manager identified several areas where a move to a new system could benefit the publisher.

Four months ago, Lynch’s company moved from a manual file submission process to Publication Printers’ InSite system. According to Lynch “this change has empowered my entire organization”.

For the first time, the entire staff of Albuquerque the Magazine can review the magazine proofs and provide front-line feedback. Sales people can proof advertising for their accounts and have the opportunity to spot issues prior to publication, saving them the need to credit the advertiser for a printing mistake.  Editors can proof the final magazine layout, allowing them to make suggestions and catch errors much later in the production process. Best of all, they save time because everyone can review the proofs at the same time.

Beyond empowerment, the system has provided them some real time and cost savings. They have been able to cut 2 days out of their production process. Faster production time means an earlier distribution with the result being a longer shelf life and better newsstand sales. They have also been able to minimize corrections to final files by making their own corrections during the proofing process, saving them an average of four thousand dollars per year.

Lynch has some final thoughts for other publishers: “Jumping from printer to printer to save money on a single print run is playing the short game. We chose Publication Printers for their quality, consistency and service. Building a long-term relationship with a quality printer gives you so much more over the long haul, and this recent change is just one more example in a nearly decade long partnership.”