How to Host a Great Webinar: Your Questions, Answered!


Check out our “Wide World of Webinars” session at the upcoming Niche Digital Conference.

Mike Agron, Co-Founder of WebAttract and Niche Digital Conference speaker, recently teamed up with us to host our very first ever webinar. In the past, we really thought webinars sucked for the most part, bored in the first 10 minutes by many we had attended. Mike showed us the light, how webinars done right can provide high quality content to our audience and survey them at the same time. And then there’s the lead generation, additional revenue stream potential, brand awareness, live interaction and all that good stuff.

Q: How is social media used to attract registrations for webinars?Joseph, B2B, Niche Publisher
A: Social media, such as LinkedIn, are a great way to attract an audience that would have a specific interest in your topic to register. We use it all the time. For example, if you manage or are part of a LinkedIn special interest group, and you have a webinar coming up, you can post the webinar as an event– but sometimes groups are not that keen about that, as it could sound too much like a sales pitch. So I suggest you start a conversation with the group by asking as question or having them weigh in on a topic and then based on the conversation you can talk about the webinar.

Or another a great way to stimulate interest is to post some answers from questions asked at your last webinar, especially if what was discussed is topical to your group…….. (Editor’s Note: You are now experiencing the 5th dimension…..) [Read more…]

Sponsored Webinars Done Right can be Profit Powerhouses for Publishers!


Mike Agron tells us how sponsored webinars done right can be a source of lead generation and a new, valuable revenue stream.

Webinars are a super-powerful demand generation tool for niche publishers.

Offering sponsored webinars is a no-brainer: they extend your advertiser’s brand cost-effectively while creating a new revenue stream.

But there’s a catchyou’ve got to do a webinar right in order for it to be effective – from targeting and attracting the right audience to keeping them engaged and continuing the conversation after it’s all over.

Webinar expert Mike Agron is leading a session on webinars at the upcoming Niche Digital Conference in Nashville this fall and is leading Niche Media’s first-ever webinar July 11 on how publishers can use webinars to make money and build audience (and why they don’t have to suck). We checked in with Mike to get his take on what’s happening with sponsored webinars and why niche publishers should take advantage of this add-on revenue stream.

Niche Media HQ: What are the three most important things for publishers to remember when setting up sponsored demand generation webinars?

Mike Agron: First, as trusted advisers to their readers, they should recognize that they have an incredible opportunity to monetize the sales of sponsored webinars by adding high value for the sponsor AND high impact for their audience. It’s bringing people together across multiple geographies and time zones to discuss and share insights, innovations and best practices.  What’s important to recognize is that much of this information is probably timely content from industry experts and thought leaders that they are publishing or going to publish. A webinar is a great vehicle to “breathe life” into ordinary content such as research reports, case studies, and white papers, etc.

Second, publishers are aware of changes in industry standards and compliance and can use webinars to inform their readers. Think educational tool vs sales pitch to be successful.

Third, there is a big difference between reading a white paper on a website and participating in an interactive webinar with Q&A. Webinars engage people in the learning process and create conversations, making them feel they are part of the experience in real-time. [Read more…]