Niche Publishing Management: 6 Top Tips for Revenue Diversity!


Here’s some top tips for niche publishers on expanding their revenue diversity.

With the transformation of magazines into multi-channel media brands, there is greater opportunity for new kinds of revenue. Working across platforms is not a choice–it’s a necessity. But the flip side is there is also far more demand for successful ideas and product development.

Jim Sulecki, one of our expert speakers at the Niche Media Conference this year, inspired our audience of creative niche publishers to find the best ways to maximize these new revenue streams.

Here are some quick highlights from Jim’s presentation on expanding your revenue diversity:

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Top 5 New Big Ideas for Managing My Media Company

Every time I attend a conference, I wonder what, if any, take-aways there will be for me as a niche magazine publisher.  I recently attended the 2013 Niche Magazine Conference in Tempe, AZ, and  I got pretty inspired.

Here are my 5 top ideas from the conference that I can apply to my media company:

1. Not all Magazines are created equal:  Even though I print on the same paper with the same quality of editorial, I won’t be able to charge as much per thousand for a family magazine (B2C) as I can for a B2B magazine or a doctor’s (Association) magazine.


Adding a new magazine to your portfolio or comparing ad rates? Type of magazine makes a big difference in ad pricing.


2. Be transparent:  Put our rate cards on the web and talk about the competition and our promotions.  Finally, I get it!


Make your advertising rates easy to find, and make it easy to tell if your magazine is or isn’t a good fit for a prospect.

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2013 Inspiration for Your Niche Magazine from Wanda the Amazing Pug

Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler  By Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler  

Happy 2013, Niche Magazine Publishers!

Wanda the Pug poised for 2013.

Maybe it’s the prospect of knuckling down to work after the excess of the holidays, but Wanda, our amazing pug, has taught me some valuable lessons about getting inspired in 2013:

  • Be fully engaged in the present. When Wanda is about to get fed, she barks likes crazy and watches every single human movement with laser focus until that bowl is put down for her. When you are working your editorial calendar and setting sales goals for your niche magazine, give it your full attention. Put aside any other pressing concerns even though there are many in 1Q. Forget about multitasking–it means tasks that you away from your present top focus.
  • Set your goals and then prioritize them. Wanda’s top goals are very clear: chowing down, napping and going for walks. Baths and chasing cats are way further down the list. Don’t just set the top 2013 goals for your niche magazine, prioritize them. Understand which goals will affect your ROI and your time in the most profitable way.
  • Wag it. This little pug does not do anything half-way. When someone walks in, she is literally all over them and will instantly adopt a lap in record time. Use that same level of enthusiasm when you answer the phone, talk to and email your co-workers, customers and advertisers. Even in the cold stare of the first weeks of January, your genuine, enthusiastic effort will warm people to you. Wanda fully embraces this concept and will always, always let you know she is happy to see you.
  • Be loyal. She may jump over my dead body to get to a treat, but Wanda will never, ever abandon her best friend and pooch to cuddle with—Cosmo. (Especially when it’s very cold and she is also going after the top-level goal of napping, this is a Win-Win situation for Wanda.) Take the time right now to thank your best customers and advertisers sincerely. Tell them you appreciate their loyalty and why. Reach out right now without all the holiday fluff behind you to truly appreciate the commitment of those who matter.

    Life Lessons from Wanda the Pug

    Wanda the Pug knows how to get what she wants.

  • Be consistent. Wanda knows that the best place to be right now is in front of a warm fire. Period. Have the wisdom to know what integrated media plan works best for your niche magazine and stick to it.
  • Always be open. As a highly opportunistic pug, Wanda never misses a chance to inhale anything that might fall to the floor. Never. Be at the ready and open to new opportunities in 2013 that may benefit your magazine in ways you haven’t anticipated. Are there new revenue streams you keep thinking about but have not taken action on? Now’s the time to jump on it.

No bones about it, these lessons from Wanda may seem like common sense. But she works her plan daily and gets the results she wants. I am going to let her be an inspiration in my planning process in 2013. The Niche Magazine Conference is my favorite source for publishing inspiration. Tell us where you find your inspiration in 2013 in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.


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