Niche Talk Video: Publisher Cathy Zion

Publisher Cathy Zion talks about the challenges in 2017.

Re-imagine, re-purpose, re-package, re-invent. Not so easy, right?

Yet pretty much all niche media companies are doing it.

What’s the best way to re-imagine your traditional print format in the digital age? What are the best changes to make for your niche audience? And how does all this affect the bottom line? [Read more…]

Niche Media Experts Give Us the Good Stuff

The Niche Media Conference is fast approaching! Here’s a quick round-up of just some of the insights from our super-knowledgeable speakers:

picture-579 Launch and Business Insights:  In case you missed it, we interviewed Sovereign/Homestead’s CEO Mark Hintz to get some of his best insights on the changing magazine publishing business. Radical changes in traditional distribution, new digital markets and an increasingly complex array of revenue opportunities present new challenges. It’s a Brave New Publishing World. [Read more…]