Wanda the Amazing Pug says: “Let Go of Your Fear, Take a Leap!”


Wanda the Amazing Pug waxes philosophically about niche publishing and risk-taking.

(Well sometimes Wanda takes a leak instead of a leap, but that’s another story…….)

What do red wine, pugs and niche publishing even have in common? Grand Poobah and I were chatting over a nice bottle of red the other night about risk-taking in general and how fear stops most people from moving forward in life.

And the fact that about 99.9999% of niche magazine publishers are entrepreneurial risk-takers, willing to face the fear and plunge ahead.

About the same moment that our wine wisdom got truly deep, our little Wanda—pug of very short stubby legs—quickly and quite gracefully took a giant leap high in the air, over the cat, to get to her favorite landing pillow.

We laughed when she did it, because our black, furry, feisty Felix is a pretty darn big kitty-cat with ninja reflexes and very sharp claws. Didn’t stop Wanda though, not even for a moment. She truly sees no obstacles. No fear of failure whatsoever. With focused vision, always go straight for the goal. (Or the doggie treat, whichever comes first.)

Seriously, though, let’s think about some of the key qualities that define a successful entrepreneur: [Read more…]