Let Your Audience Tell Your Media Company What to Do


Know the right new media for your magazine by asking your audience.

How do you determine which new media your magazine should jump into? Very often media companies venture into the vast unknown of the media frontier because they feel they have to or they will be seen as an Old Dog. (Shudder.) Or as a company that is not keeping up with the times.  (Wince.)

I often think that my clients launch out into new projects based on how they “feel” about it and NOT based on what the reader, viewer or listener is demanding.  For example, one of my B2B publishing clients  in the oil and gas sector launched out into Pinterest.  They were so proud.  They spent a ton of time (which means money) on the project.

They were in love with what they did.  So in love that when readers did not immediately begin pinning and purchasing, they were very hurt.  “What’s wrong with my readers?” the publisher said… “Pinterest is so cool!”  Yes, Pinterest is cool. And it works very well for some B2C, B2B and Association magazines.

But when I asked about the feedback from his most recent reader survey, he responded… “Those are too expensive.”  [Read more…]