A Re-branding Success Story from The Daily Tea


Rob O’ Regan profile’s “The Daily Tea’s” robust transformation.

Do you have a super-strong print audience but your growth stats have been remaining flat? It’s all about transformation, folks.  Niche media companies (and most media companies for that matter) are going through a holistic change of their product line-up. It’s about the evolution of the brand.      

For many niche publishers, taking the bold step to re-brand just makes sense.

Rob O’Regan, Editorial Director at eMedia Vitals, gives us a great example of a successful niche media company re-branding and re-positioning themselves to expand the reach to newer audiences and deepen the connection to their existing strong audience base. Plus there were strong stats that compelled them to experiment further and find new ways to develop the next generation of their passionate audience.

Rob profiles The Daily Tea, formerly Tea Magazine. The magazine replaced the existing print-focused business model with a digital strategy based on native advertising and sponsored content.

There were 3 important elements in making that transformation happen:

1. Educating existing advertisers about why native ads were a better way forward than traditional banner advertising.

2. Re-thinking paid content formats to spark connection vs the same dry, boring stuff.

3. Providing marketing services to advertisers for native ad creative development.

Here’s Rob’s insightful post, which gives you some of the real nuts and bolts about how Chief Media Officer Graham Kilshaw and The Daily Tea are re-strategizing for success:

Small publisher makes big bet native advertising


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