Niche Talk: New and Innovative Models in Publishing!


Wondering which direction to take your magazine in 2015? Here are some new ideas in publishing to inspire you!

Our Niche Talk video series features niche media professionals from all over the world, sharing their new, fresh ideas with other publishers. Last week we featured How to Boost Advertiser Value in 2015

This week we are featuring fresh distribution and marketing ideas from a niche magazine publisher and an executive from Publishers Press. Traditional methods are being built upon (or flipped) to create entirely new models in this latest video chat.

Some notes:

From Caroline Nuttall, Publisher of Charlie magazine (a city magazine for Charleston, SC):

They have created a new “underwriting” model where their advertisers have become underwriters on a larger scale. How? By matching the right advertisers to underwrite a host of campaigns, including creating a partnership to co-brand their online event calendar, wedding industry vendors underwriting a love story/event/branded products line, etc. [Read more…]

Feeling Tired? Get Inspired!


Here’s some quick links to give you inspiration.

Yawwwwn. Even niche publishers can get tired of the day-in, day-out routine. So why do you need to be constantly finding new inspiration when all you’re really trying to do is get the magazine out by deadline? For starters, niche publishers need to be attentive, creative, loyal, inventive, passionate, smart and savvy all at once–and pretty much every single day.

Let’s face it, if you are in the niche media biz you have to be a super-creative. You have a captivated, engaged niche audience and there is a huge value in that. But chances are you don’t have a huge staff or tall piles of money stacked in the back closet. So where can you find inspiration?

Here’s some quick links to get your creative juices flowing: [Read more…]

3 Ways Niche Publishers Can Increase Revenues and Decrease Expenses

Necessity is the mother of invention. Back in the mid-1990s, PrintComm was a 35-year-old printing company in Flint, Mich. where the auto industry was drying up. We started publishing magazines for associations at that time simply to try to keep our presses busy and find other ways to generate ongoing revenue from print.

We continue to publish several titles and print and mail several others for various small publishers. Each era brings its own challenges. Print is still viable, but all of us are looking for ways to generate additional revenue streams or reduce costs. Here are a few things we have done that might be helpful to the smaller publisher. [Read more…]

The Publishing Paradigm Shift: Transforming Digital into Print


Joe Mathes, VP of Delta Publications, Inc. shares his insights on the new paradigm shift from digital to print.

As publishers, no matter how strong your content is or how solid your online strategy, you need to be better at selling your print products along with your core product. Is this a dramatic shift from even 7 or 8 years ago? You bet.

We recently asked Joe Mathes, Vice President of Delta Publications, Inc. and a Partner in Delta Online, to talk with us about how they leverage their existing online assets to increase print sales. Joe is also a digital revenue consultant across the country and he helps clients see the whole bundled media picture.

Niche Media HQ:  Can you explain why niche publishers should use their digital products to leverage print sales?

Joe Mathes: As print publishers we still have an effective and dynamic advertising platform with which to promote our digital offerings. Our print products and all of our other organizational assets give us tremendous credibility and leverage in our markets—and that gives us the inside track when it comes to digital. [Read more…]

Naughty or Nice? A Publisher’s Guide to Breaking the Rules


CEO and Publisher Rebecca Wesson Darwin shares her insights with us on breaking the rules.

With such a wonderfully provocative title, how could Garden & Gun not be a rule breaker? Rebecca Wesson Darwin, CEO and Publisher of Garden and Gun, is also rule-breaker in her own right who was the first female publisher of the New Yorker.  After holding senior roles at GQ, Fortune and Mirabella, Darwin found herself living in Charleston, SC, outside the bustling fray of the New York media world – mother of two and the wife of a preacher.

Instead of sipping tea on the porch, she filled a void in the marketplace by launching a lifestyle magazine like no other! Darwin launched a national magazine focused on Southern lifestyle, Garden & Gun has built its success on an alternative circulation strategy and an unapologetic love of lush paper, good writing, and world-class photography.  We asked her to share with us some of her secrets for publishing success: how to think big when you are starting small, how to use (or not use) research when launching, and tips on growing a successful niche.

Niche Media HQ: What 3 things niche publishers could do today to start growing their business? [Read more…]

Think Content First! Aaron Kahlow on Online Marketing


Aaron Kahlow, Online Marketing and Social Media Guru, (and Niche Digital Conference keynote speaker next week) shares his insights with us.

Aaron Kahlow, CEO & Founder of the Online Marketing Institute,  knows whole bunch about how Digital Old + Digital New = Maximum Digital ROI. It’s one of the many reasons we were able to snag him as a keynote speaker for our Niche Digital Conference in Nashville next week. We caught up with him recently to chat about online marketing and the new frontier and wanted to share his insights with you:

Niche Media HQ: How do niche publishers determine the right blend of email programs and content marketing? What are 3 factors to consider?

A Kahlow: As a Niche Publisher, it’s a given that every communication we have is purely about relevance to the “niche” we serve.  Being a “niche” publisher myself for the digital marketing space, I think an example of how to blend email and content marketing on our end of things will serve best.

1)  Think content first, email second.  What I mean by this is think about the content… a.k.a. the articles, the webinars, the blog posts, etc. as your core.  Then think about how best to “push” your email communications to highlight this content. For example, when OMI has a new video class, we talk about how to blog about that class and after we have a good post, then how to highlight that post in an email or e-newsletter communication.  So, the class in this example is the content and email is the second step after we look at how it plays out in getting the word out. [Read more…]

Six Bright Ideas Lead to Niche Magazine Success in the Summer of Niche


Summer of Niche Sum-Up: Niche magazines share with us 6 bright ideas that lead to sunny success.

Well, it’s September and in most places that means summer is winding down. The kiddies are returning to school, the night air is a bit cooler. Do we really have to stop wearing flip-flops so soon? Plus you have to start thinking about holiday plans instead of vacation plans…..WAIT.

There is still a little summer left here at Niche Media HQ.  Time for the Summer of Niche Sum-Up! So grab some cold lemonade and review with us some of the coolest, creative ideas shared this summer by other niche media professionals just like yourself.

What were some common themes in the Summer of Niche series? First, all the great ideas lead to generating new revenue streams. They’re also about reaching out to broaden brand awareness. Across the board, they are about trying something new.

 Here are 6 Bright Ideas shared by niche magazines: [Read more…]

9 Niche-y Ways to Get Out of That Mid-Summer Magazine Funk

The days are longer—and it seems like they get longer every dragging minute. And it’s hot, hot, hot.


Here are 9 niche-y ways to get out of that mid-summer funk!

For many of us, mid-summer hits and then we are suddenly in a complete state of inertia with absolutely no focus beyond whether our baseball team is winning (or uh, losing) and what topping we want on our ice cream cone and…. is this work day over yet?? 

Here’s 9 niche-y ways to lift yourself out of a mid-summer funk:

1. Connect the Dots: Find some new ways to reach your fans/customers/advertisers and connect them. To do that, take a few minutes and read Scratch That Niche from Marketing Profs. You’ll start feeling creative quickly.

2. Niche Out Your Niche and Drill Down: Brainstorm with your team some ways to niche your niche even further. (We know, it’s one of our constant mantras, right behind Carl Landau’s all-time favorite: How DOES this idea translate into ROI?!) [Read more…]

5 Ways to Brand Your Editors


Don’t make your editors mysterious! Encourage them to be a face for your publication.

Your editors are already building engagement (or should be), but can they also build your brand? YES!

A brand isn’t a brand until you add a personality to the mix. Otherwise it’s a simple physical representation of your product or service. “Face” editors who are willing – and able – to travel, speak publicly, visit news sources in person, go to trade shows, moderate panels and events, and even give keynote speeches, are worth their weight in gold.

A well known editor drives industry prestige, can make your publication seem “bigger” than it is, can impact digital ad sales and sponsorships, and have a huge impact on your publication. How do you get them started? [Read more…]

How to Work a Trade Show to Get More Ad Sales Prospects

The one thing that successfully working a trade show is NOT: Setting up a booth and sitting there, waiting for prospects to come by and talk with you. Find someone else for that job. To get the most out of your time as a sales person at a trade show, you need to be accessible, pro-active, and have a plan to renew contacts with clients and meet new prospects. Here’s how you do it:


Turn working a trade show into big success with these three tips.

3 tips for getting the most out of working a trade show

1.  Pre-show planning:  Get a list of exhibits—most shows have this posted on their web sites far in advance.  Put them into a spreadsheet and sort by booth numbers.  Fill in a column for known contacts and leave a blank column for notes. Highlight accounts you really want to see (include new prospects). [Read more…]