Niche Magazines Walk the Native Ad Tightrope


Expert Rob O’Regan gives us some insight into walking the native ad tightrope successfully.

In 2013, the big buzz was about figuring out how to actually define native advertising and what percentage of the budget should be allocated for it. And publishers are still experimenting to determine the best guidelines for their niche audience.

Now more than ever, all marketing and advertising must be done in a way to ensure your voice, your tone, and your unique platform are being communicated clearly AND transparently to your audience. So how do niche publishers walk the native advertising tightrope successfully?

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Don’t Undersell the Importance–and Value–of Your First-Party Data


Don’t miss out on an opportunity to extract more value from the data coming from your own niche websites!

Audience data has become a valuable commodity in the digital advertising ecosystem. Advertisers continue to gobble up “third-party” data from online publications and other websites, which data management platforms (DMPs) collect and aggregate into audience segments that are sold through automated exchanges. BlueKai, one of the leading DMP vendors, has compiled close to 1 billion customer profiles, according to The Economist.

But many niche publishers are ignoring an opportunity to extract more value from the data coming from their own websites. Your community represents a premium audience for the advertisers in the niche you represent. The “first-party” data you collect as these visitors spend time on your website and share information with you is the real gold for audience targeting and other advanced ad products and services.

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It’s Time To Embrace The ‘Brand As Publisher’ Trend


Hop on the Brandwagon! Rob O’Regan shares some solid reasons why the “brand as publisher” trend shows no sign of fizzling. 

While big-name brands, from American Express and LinkedIn to Red Bull and Tesco, are aggressively building their own media engines, most small and even midsized companies lack the skills and other resources needed to consistently create and distribute quality content. The top content marketing challenges that B2B marketers at small businesses face, according to the Content Marketing Institute, are producing a variety of engaging content and producing it consistently. But they press on: 74% of those marketers said they are producing more content than they were a year ago. [Read more…]

Sponsored Content Can Be a Good Thing!


Media consultant Rob O’Regan shares some of his guidelines on sponsored advertising.

Usually the very first question that comes up in any discussion about sponsored content is how we define it—what it means to the publisher, the editorial department, the advertiser, the audience. Are we all clear or still mucking around in the swamp of ambiguity?

Now let’s throw into the mix the fact that sponsored content is on the rise and now being created for a plethora of media distribution channels out there, including print, digital, event material, webinars, etc.

So how DO we define it? We think the American Press Institute is on the right track:

It is better to define sponsored content by what it does than by what it looks like.”

Here are some quick guidelines from a presentation by Rob O’Regan, a media consultant and senior digital content strategist at IDG, on how to present sponsored content to your readers and how to talk about it with your advertisers: [Read more…]

A Re-branding Success Story from The Daily Tea


Rob O’ Regan profile’s “The Daily Tea’s” robust transformation.

Do you have a super-strong print audience but your growth stats have been remaining flat? It’s all about transformation, folks.  Niche media companies (and most media companies for that matter) are going through a holistic change of their product line-up. It’s about the evolution of the brand.      

For many niche publishers, taking the bold step to re-brand just makes sense.

Rob O’Regan, Editorial Director at eMedia Vitals, gives us a great example of a successful niche media company re-branding and re-positioning themselves to expand the reach to newer audiences and deepen the connection to their existing strong audience base. Plus there were strong stats that compelled them to experiment further and find new ways to develop the next generation of their passionate audience.

Rob profiles The Daily Tea, formerly Tea Magazine. The magazine replaced the existing print-focused business model with a digital strategy based on native advertising and sponsored content.

There were 3 important elements in making that transformation happen:

1. Educating existing advertisers about why native ads were a better way forward than traditional banner advertising.

2. Re-thinking paid content formats to spark connection vs the same dry, boring stuff.

3. Providing marketing services to advertisers for native ad creative development.

Here’s Rob’s insightful post, which gives you some of the real nuts and bolts about how Chief Media Officer Graham Kilshaw and The Daily Tea are re-strategizing for success:

Small publisher makes big bet native advertising


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Diana Landau, Niche Content Wrangler

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Sponsored Content Strategies That Work!

What’s on the minds of niche publishing professionals? Our audience tells us that the hot topic of sponsored content continues to confound, so we’ve rounded up some of the best past posts by our content experts for you reading pleasure and learning-ment. (New word we just made up.) These smart guys also happen to be very popular speakers at our conferences. Here’s why:

Joe Cha 012First, we interviewed digital expert Joe Cha last year about the future of sponsored content. Joe was deeply immersed in the sponsored content pool while most of us were still learning to tread water: Sponsored Online Content is the Future of Niche Magazines!

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Your Sponsored Content Questions Answered!


Editor Rob O’Regan chats with us about the sticky subject of sponsored content.

The concept of sponsored content and native advertising sound so promising and simple, but there are plenty of ways to screw it up. Above all else, you must preserve your credibility with readers. Keep readers #1 and you can find whole new revenue streams for your niche magazine.

We recently interviewed Rob O’Regan with some of the most common questions we hear about the ins and outs of sponsored content. Rob is Editor of eMediaVitals, an online publication that serves print media executives who are transitioning their businesses to e-media. Rob has a keen understanding of sponsored content programs such as native advertising, which can provide enormous financial benefit to both print and online properties–if done right.

Here’s the highlights of our interview with Rob: [Read more…]